Although we hope that one day the Green Baby Guide will be chock-full of absolutely anything you’d ever want to know about raising an eco-baby, sometimes it’s good to branch out a bit.  We scoured the Internet for the best green baby blogs and found mothers and fathers discussing everything from the best organic products to musings on home schooling and breastfeeding.

Pirate Papa is “a journal of anarcho-green D(o).I(t).Y(ourself). Parenting.” It reminds me a lot of our site . . . except that we are not rock-n-roll pirates.  Or dads.

Soft Landing Baby Blog provides “Non-toxic baby gear news and reviews.” NFunny Faceeed a BPA-free sippy cup?  Get recommendations here.

Organic Baby NZ has all you need to know about raising an organic baby in New Zealand.

Green and Clean Mom  and Eco-chick are each written by mothers aspiring to have a little fun with their eco-friendly lifestyle.  Both blogs were recently spotlighted by an article in the New York Times.

Green Boot Camp focuses on frugal solutions for a greener family lifestyle.  Each blog offers simple advice and small goals for eco-friendly changes.

The Cloth Diaper Blog is a great source for tips on cloth diapering. 

The Great Green Baby offers reviews of green baby products.

I read the Nature Moms (“a guide to natural family life”) blog all the time.  She reviews products and discusses parenting ideas, home schooling, and much more.

Read Mindful Momma’s “adventures in living a green and healthy life.”  Check this site out for creative craft and other DIY ideas.

Natural Moms Talk Radio features commentary from Carrie, “a work-at-home, home-schooling mom of four who loves to discuss all aspects of pregnancy, natural birth and alternative birthing options, breastfeeding, alternative health, home schooling, nutrition and natural parenting topics.”

Funny Face 2Sage and Sassy’s blog claims that it’s “not hippie . . . just hip!”

Zoë B Organic Weekly features “All the Latest Organic and Eco-friendly finds for Organic Moms and Kids.”

The Haute Nature blog is a great stop for eco-crafts, offering “Ecologically based creative ideas, art, and green products for your children, home, and lifestyle.”

Green Fertility contains a fascinating collection of articles about “saying NO to the pharma-medico-industrial-baby complex and discovering the possibilities afforded by focusing on wellness of self and earth.”

Read about a family who does its best to be green with a new baby at Mummy Musings.

The Eco Baby Blog discusses “eco-friendly family planning.”

The Green Mom is not updated very often but contains information of interest to environmentally-conscious mothers.

Tushbaby is for the stylish environmentalists among us.

Green Style Mom is another good choice for eco-moms who don’t want to compromise their sense of style.

The Crunchy Domestic Goddess not only has a great blog name-it also includes Haikus!

Jenny at Green-Mommy eats organically, lives green, and practices “gentle” parenting.

Kind of Crunchy Mama offers a refreshingly honest perspective on green parenting.  She had home births, practices extended breastfeeding, eats organic food . . . yet cleans with bleach and loves the Cake Mix Doctor!

Walking Upside Down is a New Zealand blogger who writes about everything from diapers to acupressure.

The following sites haven’t been updated in while, but they’re still out there on the Web to read:

Green Baby Blog


Rocket Mom Blog

Are we missing a great green baby blog?  Please post a comment or email us with your favorite websites devoted to green parenting practices, and we’ll be happy to add them to our list.  We also plan to generate a list of the Web’s best diaper websites soon.  Happy surfing!