Best Green Parenting Blogs–Encore Edition

Joy and I have been friends for over fifteen years, and even back then we were budding environmentalists (not to mention accomplished penny-pinchers).  In writing the Green Baby Guide, we’ve discovered many other green mom bloggers.  Some have years of experience with green parenting and others are just starting out.  Holly writes in her first Ecobaby blog post that she doesn’t consider herself an environmentalist–and she’s not even pregnant.  She says, “There is something about the prospect of having a baby that compels me to live a more natural life, and in the process, work towards creating a better environment for my children and future generations.”  The Ecobaby blog is a great resource for others beginning their green parenting adventures.

Sequoia Park with SlidesA few of the blogs have some innovative ideas for raising older kids in an environmentally-conscious manner.  Tiffany over at Nature Moms is one of the green mom blog veterans who has been dispensing advice since 2005.  We have also become dedicated fans of Treehugging Family, written by co-bloggers Jennifer and Peggy.  Treehugging Family is updated almost constantly–every time I log on I learn something new about raising a little treehugger, like Good Places to Go Visit Trees  and 60 Eco-friendly Ways to Celebrate Spring.  Jennifer also writes the Pregnancy and Baby Blog and devoted an article to praising the Green Baby Guide

Here’s a list of blogs we’ve added to our blogroll since we posted our “Best Green Baby Blogs” article a few weeks ago:

We have combed the Internet for all the best green parenting blogs, but we may have overlooked some.  Is anyone missing from our blogroll?  Please let us know.  And in the meantime, happy green reading.

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  1. Kisses for all the link love. That’s really nice. You have some other greats on there too. I love eco child’s play.

  2. Thank you for mentioning Eco Baby Blog! I really appreciate it! I love all of the links you put on your site – seems like there is always something new to explore here.

    The playground tree on this post looks so amazing! I wish I could be there right now.

  3. That playground is in my town! I live in Eureka in Northern California (250 north of SF, on the coast). When I saw the picture, I couldn’t believe the coincidence – I have that same picture but with my family sliding down the slide. Sequoia Park is a great little park and even has a zoo (which not every town with less than 30,000 residents has). The best part is the 5mph one-way paved path that winds down a hill through a thick redwood grove. There are lots of hiking trails, too. It’s not that many acres, but it is an oasis in the middle of town.

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