Works For Me Wednesday: Homemade Bubbles Create A Clutter-Free Toy

We’ve really tried to limit the toys littering our home.  Why then does it seem that clean-up time takes longer and longer each day?  There are blocks spilling onto the carpet, books stacked precariously around Roscoe’s room and wheeled vehicles strewn about our house at the end of every single day. 


That’s why we LOVE bubbles.  They disappear just as quickly as they appear.  And, they’re so very cheap!  You can mix up your own batch with water, dishwashing soap, and a few drops of glycerin. (Available for a few bucks at your local pharmacy). You probably know that just water and soap will work, but the glycerin will help create better bubbles that last a bit longer.  Look here for several bubble recipes and here for suggestions on what to do with the bubbles, including using a hula hoop and a kiddie-pool to make huge ones and a fly swatter to create a blizzard of tiny bubbles.  You can also use pipe cleaners to make simple bubble wands for little environmental and economic cost.  Have fun!

Roscoe Prefers Mouth Frothing Over Bubble Wands

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  1. Were planning to make a batch of bubbles for my son’s 1st birthday…I also saw a recipe where you could use Alum also for the gylcerin. I didn’t see the fly swatter tip! That sounds neat. I may have to get one cleaned up before then. Sounds fun. Were also playing to use pipe cleaners for the wands. Thanks for sharing…oh, and what a great pic!!

  2. Fabulous! We just started blowing bubbles with our baby. Thanks!

  3. I should see about getting some glycerin. My kids love bubbles.

    Mad kiddo alert! Mad kiddo alert! LOL! Just kidding…

  4. I love this idea! Can’t wait to try bubbles with my baby! And I’m totally gonna make the bubbles myself. Yay!

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