Rebecca’s Earth Day Sins, Confessed

I credit a long-ago Earth Day television special to introducing me to the fast-paced world of reusing and recycling.  Now I try hard to do what’s best for our environment, but I don’t always live up to my ideals.  Here are my top five eco-sins, confessed.

  1. I take long, hot showers.  I know, I know.  I should get a solar heater and bathe in harvested rainwater from our rooftop.  This is an especially heinous sin considering how often I’ve bragged about limiting my daughter’s bath time fun.
  2. I don’t always buy organic produce.  I’m cheap.  I’m trying to get over it.
  3. I don’t always buy local produce.  Buying local produce as a “green” action was something I hadn’t even considered until a couple years ago.  But even after educating myself a bit on the subject and reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I’m still not a locavore.
  4. I have not fully converted to greener cleaners.  Don’t get me wrong–I have very few toxic cleansers sitting under my kitchen sink and use plenty of baking soda and vinegar.  But somehow I still have a hard time getting worked up about the awfulness of conventional brands.  I have read a lot about the toxins in cleaners and the havoc they wreak on our bodies and our planet.  I’ve devoured whole books on the subject.  Apparently years of indoctrination by commercial advertising is hard to overcome.
  5. I travel.

Bathe baby less and save gallons of waterThe act of confessing my sins has cleansed my conscience, and the Earth.  I sentence myself to quicker showers, a larger budget for organic produce, a disdain for imported fruits and veggies, a deeper understanding of and appreciation for greener cleaners, and several carbon off-set coupons.

What are your eco-sins?  Confess!

“Get out of the bath–you’re wasting water!”

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