Baby’s First Earth Day

Wow, it’s baby’s first Earth Day today!  What will your tot do to ring in the occasion?  What–you haven’t planned it yet?  Here are some last-minute Earth Day ideas to celebrate with your little one.

Plant a tree.  Stick a tree in the ground this Earth Day and watch it grow with your tyke.  My sister and I both had our “own” apricot trees to admire throughout our childhoods.  If every American family planted just one tree, the existing CO2 in the atmosphere would reduced by one billion pounds annually!

Give a tree.  The Ecobaby Blog had a great idea for a baby shower present: give a tree!  Now you know what to get that special someone today.  For Roscoe’s baby shower Joy received an apple seedling along with a copy of The Giving Tree, which turned out to be her favorite gift.

Volunteer.  Because Joy met her husband at an Earth Day volunteer activity nine years ago, they are planning on taking Roscoe to a work party to promote native species in their local parks.  Let’s hope Roscoe will save more plants than he rips out of the ground.  Here are links to national volunteer projects that coordinate with Earth Day.

Rent a movie.  If you’re experiencing colder-than-usual temperatures this Earth Day, you may not have the motivation to dig a hole in the mud for your carbon-dioxide-zapping tree.  In that case, perhaps an educational movie about the environment would be in order.  Treehugging Family came up with a list of Earth-loving movies for kids and adults.

Make some Earth Day resolutions.  Earth Day is the perfect time to reflect on ecological failings (here are Joy’s and mine) and then make some resolutions for the following year (Joy and I did that here and here).

What will you be doing to celebrate Earth Day?  How will you involve your little one in this eco-revelry?  Post a comment and let us know.  Happy Earth Day, everyone!


  1. The Giving Tree is one of my favorite books ever!

    I don’t have any particular plans for Earth Day. I made a blog post (yea!), I brought my Kleen Kanteen to a work meeting and everyone with bottled water felt guilty (okay – that was unintended), and we did plant 3 trees in our yard this weekend.

    Happy Earth Day! I love your blog!

  2. Here’s an easy way for a new mommy and baby to participate in EARTH DAY this year. Go to the website: and choose an environmental nonprofit group to give to and then shop at the GREEN stores for baby clothes. Here is a link to go directly to GREEN baby products and it’s already set up to give to Global Green USA:
    It’s such a great way to turn your every day shopping into philanthropy. I have it on my bookmarks page and use it every time I shop on line. Enjoy!

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