Throw a Simple Green Baby Shower

Sheryl Crow had one. Parents magazine raved about them in last March’s issue.  An eco-conscious expecting mother in your life may be hinting for one.  But what is a green baby shower?  It may seem like a ploy to get you to “buy” your way into the green movement.  Are we just trading piles of Pampers and mounds of plastic toys for $50 organic onesies and free-trade rattles?  Maybe.  But it’s also possible to throw an old-fashioned, down-to-earth baby shower that’s simple and eco-friendly.  Here are just a few ideas to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

Throw a book baby shower.  Don’t forget the Green Baby Guide’s article touting the merits of giving the gift of imagination.  Attendants bring a book or two the child can treasure well after she’s outgrown her bouncy seat.

Try a secondhand fete.  If most of the attendants have had babies in the last few years, a secondhand shower can be an entertaining way to pass treasured belongings from one family to another.  Of course, this idea might not fly with many expecting parents or hosts-but it may be right up a green family’s alley. 

Give the gift of food.  Attendants can bring casseroles, desserts, or snacks that can be frozen until the bundle of joy arrives.  Exhausted new parents don’t have to spend time cooking during the first couple weeks or months with a newborn. 

Leave the shower out of baby shower.  It’s possible to have a party with friends, family, and games without involving gifts.  Participants can even write out wishes or blessings for the new addition that the host can make into a keepsake book.  Or circumvent the baby shower ritual altogether and involve friends and family in a picnic, hike, or other decidedly non-showery celebration.

It’s possible to throw a baby shower for expecting parents without busting your budget on so-called eco-friendly food, decorations, and presents.  A simple gathering of friends and family can accomplish the most important part of a shower’s purpose: welcoming a new baby into the world.

Any green baby shower ideas we forgot?  Post a comment!


  1. I just went to a green baby shower recently where the focus was more on togetherness and baby’s arrival than an arsenal of new gear. Everyone contributed money toward some of the big ticket items needed for the baby. It meant that the mother didn’t end up with heaps of gifts that she couldn’t really use and most of us were able to save ourselves a shopping trip. Plus, we ended up spending our time at the shower talking and eating rather than focusing on recording all the gifts. The real plates and cloth napkins gave the gathering a really welcoming touch and we all enjoyed ourselves without having to heap the trash full of decorations and plastic dishes afterwards.

  2. I just hosted an EcoFriendly Baby Shower for my friend and i ordered a centerpiece from The 100% organic ecofriendly diaper cake was the hit of the party! It was the most unique and creative gifts the mom to be has ever recieved, and it looked beautiful as a decoration! It contained a bunch of useful things the mom will get to use on her baby, including a blanket, recieveing blanket, onesies, burp cloths, dipaer cream , 2 natural teethers, sophie the giraffe and chan pie gnon teether as well as the all natural Natursutten pacifier- the coolest pacifier ever! the cake was very cheap and of the best quality that i came across.. the mom absolutely loved it! I highly recommend it to anyone considering an ecofriendly baby shower gift.

  3. I’m going green in the sense that it’s going to be eco-friendly. I don’t think that “going green” should eliminate the gift giving part of a baby shower. I’m going to be a single mom and am relying pretty heavily on the generosity of others to get myself equipped. Kind of disappointed with the advice on this site.

  4. Ally, I am not sure what you mean about trying to be eco-friendly, but Joy’s post on birthday parties has some more general “green” tips that may help you out more. There’s nothing wrong with relying on friends and families to help you gear up, but many people complain about getting too much stuff they don’t need at showers, so this article is more for them.

  5. Hi All,
    We just threw my “great-niece” a “greenish” baby shower.

    We hung raw twine throughout the house and hung baby bibs, onsies, baby socks and PJ’s from them with clothes pins. It looked really cute and no trash. I also did a digital slide show and ran it on my TV with pictures of the parents and our precious Lilly Ann.

    I used reusable plates and real punch cups and real salad forks. I borrowed from my sister and it worked out great.

    For favors I went online to for my area and asked for empty baby food jars, I got them ran them through the dishwasher, painted the lids and filled them with M&M candies and put a cute paper label on them and tied them off with some raw twine. Everyone really enjoyed them.

    I know there was more that I could have done to be “greener” but every little bit.

    Have fun and be creative.

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