Flushable Diapers (gDiapers)–What Do You Think?

One of our readers wrote in to The Green Baby Guide asking us about flushable diapers.  Neither Joy nor I has ever used gDiapers, but we’re hoping our readers have.  Have you tried them out on your babies?  Why did you choose gDiapers over cloth diapers or regular disposables?  Did you love them?  Hate them?  Please post a comment and give us your honest opinions!


  1. we love gdiapers. i have not had a real problem with them leaking which seems to be a problem with a lot of people. the main reason we switched is because my daughter got a diaper rash that we could not get rid of. she had it for 6 weeks, 3 doctors appointments and a $200 diaper rash Rx. she just has really sensitive skin and would get diaper rash close to once a week. since we switched to gdiapers a few months ago, we have not had any problems with diaper rash! they may be more expensive then disposable and cloth diapers but i will admit, i am just not a cloth diaper kind of mom!! i do not want to have to wash poop filled cloth diapers in my washing machine! these are a great solution for us (though each baby and family is different). they helped tremendously with diaper rash, dont have to deal with clothe diapers and are better for the earth! they are kind of pricey but we buy they at BUY BUY BABY and use Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. we hope they will work just as well with our expected baby in june!

  2. I purchased these because I wanted to do something good for the planet These are the best. We have used them since our daughter was 2 months old and have never had a leak, or a plugged toilet, or a stinky diaper pail.

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  3. I am a gDiaper user & love them! Wish I had known about them 10 years ago with my first baby (wait they weren’t around then)….make that 5 or 3 years ago with my next 2 would have been awesome but nope, we didn’t find gDiapers till our 4th baby was born September 2009. It took me a few weeks to get it right with the gDiapers, so if you’re having issues with leaking ect KEEP TRYING!

    We use a combo of cloth liners (some gCloth, some WAHM Hemp, some WAHM Bamboo and random others) & the flushies (mostly for travel, cause we do that A LOT) Hemp is so absorbent and trim, its my favorite by far (so far).

    One more earth saving “tip” is to save the liners that need flushing for when you go to the bathroom, flush it when you flush yours, that way you are only flushing once!

  4. Also, as for inserts bunching up, if that seems to be a bothersome problem, use 2 inserts, you can even use one cloth insert & one throwable…

    As far as g’s coming in a bigger size, I can’t really say anything, but stay tuned to gDiapers.com!!!!!

  5. I love Gdiapers! I have used them for 9 months now! I love how cute they are. DD has several with ruffles on the bums! So cute! They come in a bunch of colors you can buy the covers new or used & just buy new pouches (the part that holds the gcloth, prefold, or flushie)
    I was using gcloths but kept getting leaks DD was peeing to much so now I use prefolds (folded in 1/3rds) & haven’t had a leak yet. I started in smalls & DD is currently in mediums GDiapers head quarters are wonderful if you are having leak issues or any other problem contact them! Wonderful company!
    I also love the fact that if I want to use a flushable I can. (like for vacation) I use Gdiapers 24/7 & LOVE them!

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