Isabooties Product Review

They’re comfy, they’re washable, they’re lace-free and they come with flexible soles­­––what more can I say?  IsaBooties sent Rebecca and me some sample shoes to try out with our toddlers a few months ago and they’ve become some of our favorite footwear.  I appreciate the fact that they don’t require fastening of any kind and also can be worn sock-free in the summer months. 

Before I discovered IsaBooties, Roscoe wore Robeez.  We loved the comfort and simplicity of the leather moccasins but were hesitant to have him wear them in the winter––which is always wet around here.  IsaBooties are made with ultra-suede fabric, which means that after they get covered with water or mud, they can just get tossed into the washer and the dryer. To be fair, Rebecca thought this was a downside of the IsaBooties—they can’t be worn on wet surfaces without soaking through.  She had her daughter use them as slippers.

For our eco sensibilities, it was great to learn that IsaBooties are formaldehyde-free, made in the USA, and come in recycled packaging that uses soy ink.  Unlike Robeez, IsaBooties are vegan, so they are perfect if you are looking for an animal-free bootie.

The cost for a pair of these soft slippers is a bit high for thrifty souls at $29.00 a pair, especially since IsaBooties aren’t recommended for pavement use.  Roscoe happens to be a serious sidewalk runner so he can’t use them all the time.  I also wouldn’t have him wear them if he was playing anywhere near sharp rocks since the bottoms aren’t that thick.

Rebecca’s daughter Audrey also loved IsaBooties and wanted to put them on all the time.  She wore them for about two weeks straight, and then the decorative ribbon started to fray indicating that they might not be the sturdiest choice for an everyday shoe. Rebecca would recommend them for non-walkers or indoor use only.

Still, if baby’s arrival is approaching and people are asking for gift requests, it’s nice to have a pair of convenient and cute Isabooties for the first year of his or her life.  Check out their website for a full range of colors, styles and sizes.




  1. Thanks for sharing. I was wanting to try these, but may have to gift them because my girl gets around pretty good now.

  2. If you’d like another eco-friendly option, we’ve also been contacted by the maker of “KaBoogie Shoes.” The owner buys gently used suede fabrics and remakes them into some darling little moccasins. The soles are constructed with a double layer of suede and a felt liner so they sound quite sturdy for toddlers. Check out the KaBoogie website for yourself at

  3. Thanks so much for the referral, Joy! For people like me who don’t like commercially made “everything”, hate waste and love to design, this business fits in so well with my homemade lifestyle! Mention “greenbabyguide – free shipping” in message to seller and I’ll ship free!!
    Have a great day!

  4. Awww…these are adorable!

  5. I actually won a pair of these awhile back and do like them. We haven’t gotten much use of them yet and I’m afraid I wasn’t thinking very clearly when I ordered 3-6mo size. I was thinking that they would keep my littlest’s feet warm but neglected to think that she’s 3-6mo during the hottest time of the year. I did happen to try them on her yesterday and they still fit and if her feet don’t have a major growth spurt we might get some Fall use out of them.

  6. Love, love, love…these shoes! They are hands down the best!

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