Easy Oats for Two: A Cheap and Nutritious Breakfast for Mother and Child

Oats were one of Audrey’s first favorite foods.  I’ve written a few times about the porridge I made for her as a little baby when I needed to fatten her up.  Once she was about fifteen months old, I started making her normal oatmeal for breakfast.  She has astounded me with her capacity for oatmeal.  Today I gave her a full adult serving (1 cup cooked) and she ate the entire bowl!  Normally, though, I will cook ¾ cups of dry oats for us both.  That will yield about a cup of cooked oats for me and a half cup for her.

So what is thrifty and green about our breakfast?  I buy oats in the bulk section.  Organic oats cost about $1.00/lb.  I can sometimes find conventional oats for $.50/lb. on sale.  That means our ¾ cup (2.25 ounces, according to my scale) of organic oats cost just fourteen cents!  I add some dried apricots and a little brown sugar, which boost up the price, but oats still end up being much cheaper than most other breakfasts.  And, by resisting convenience foods such as instant oatmeal packs, freezer waffles, or toaster pastries, we’re avoiding wasteful packaging.

Oats for Two

¾ cup rolled oats (not quick oats)
1 ½ cup water

Four or five dried apricots, cut into pieces

Put the ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl and zap for two minutes*.  Stir.  Cook for 1.5 minutes longer and stir again.  Spoon a portion of the oats into a smaller bowl for the baby.  Top with brown sugar and eat!

*Note: our microwave is not very strong.  Cooking times will vary depending on your microwave.  You can also cook the oats on a stovetop, of course.

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  1. I never thought about cooking oats that weren’t quick oats in the microwave – good to know! Thanks for the idea.

  2. we’re big oat eaters too – what a fabulous grain it is! So versatile, filling, healthy and frugal! Have you ever used them in savoury recipes?

  3. I too, have never thought about cooking regular oats in the microwave. What a great idea and so nourishing. Thanks for sharing this great tip!

  4. I’ve tried this with both of my children and out it comes. Neither likes oatmeal or granola. Bummer. I’ll keep trying though.

  5. I can see why kids might not like oatmeal, but no granola, either? Your kids are a tough sell, Green and Clean Mom! Do they at least like oatmeal cookies? Perhaps not the “easy and nutritious” breakfast I promised, but still very tasty.

  6. Thankfully my little one seems to love oatmeal. I do the same thing: make one portion and then divide up. I add a little honey and milk, divide and add raisins to hers and granola to mine. Yummy!

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