Join our Thrifty Green Thursday Blog Carnival!

Although babies, gas, food of any kind, and air travel are becoming ridiculously expensive, we here at believe it’s possible to save the planet and a wad of cash with a few creative ideas.

Do we have these ideas completely outlined for you? Well, no. Although we have to humbly admit that Green Baby Guide posts some fabulous suggestions, many talented bloggers can add to our collection of eco-friendly, frugal ideas.

So, it’s time for a carnival! Starting on July 24th, any blogger can get a piece of the action by joining our “Thrifty Green Thursday” blog carnival. Just write a post on a simple way that families (or individuals for that matter) can save money while going green on your blog. Then just follow the simple steps below:

1. The Thrifty Green Thursday post will be up by 8pm every Wednesday night.  

2. Add a comment to the post and share your blog’s Thrifty Green topic. Readers can click on your name to read your clever frugal tips.

2. Be sure to post a link back to us in your post.

3. If you want, copy the “Thrifty Green Thursday” image onto your Thursday post.

If you have any questions or input, please comment here or email us at Welcome to the carnival!


  1. I’m looking forward to this carnival. I (and hopefully a couple of friends) am working on a new “green” blog. This is going to be a great addition to our posts. I’ve been feeling uninspired to write so it’s been taking awhile to get it going but this will be a good way to light a little fire. I am also looking forward to many great new ideas!

  2. Fabby! I’m really excited to see the announcement about this Carnival and I’m so looking forward to sharing advice and tips.

    Brilliant idea for a carnival, especially as we are in the midst of a credit crunch over here in the sunny UK 🙂

    Looking forward to next week
    Mrs g x

  3. Fantastic, I’d love to join…I’ll send an email…thx!

  4. Great idea and a cute logo to go with it! I’ve been wanting to get it on a carnival. Going to do my best to participate. Woo hoo.

  5. Wonderful idea. I’ll do my best to participate. Yikes, if I don’t forget! Thanks ladies for all you do!

  6. Love the idea! I already blog about similiar things and would love to share and see other peoples ideas on being thrifty/green as well! -Thanks!

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