Bumkin’s Review–and Giveaway!

Recently we’ve had the opportunity to try some Bumkin’s products, including the pull-on nighttime training pants.  The great thing is that Bumkin’s products are all PVC-, phthalate-, BPA-, and vinyl-free. Before we ever received samples Joy used hand-me-down Bumkins bibs and loved them.  She later bought a Bumkin’s Dirty Duds bag and reviewed it here.  We’re pleased to report that they’ve fixed the issue with the bag’s drawstring closure.

Bumkin’s waterproof baby items come in several bright prints that kids will adore.  My daughter begged to wear the pull-on training pants to bed.  She’s potty training now but is never totally dry when she wakes up, so these worked well for her.  The only complaint I had is that they are just HUGE.  We had the medium size, which is the smallest size available for these pants.  They’re supposed to fit toddlers from 20-30 pounds.  Audrey weighs 23 pounds and was swimming in them.  Roscoe got a large and it’s gigantic for his 30-pound frame.   Bumkin’s website advertises “generous sizing,” but I think they went a little overboard.

Now for the giveaway! We have two pairs of these large pull-on pants to give away for some lucky parent.  According to the Bumkin’s website, the pants boast the following features:

  • Made of Bumkins’ proprietary waterproof fabric
  • Soft elastic at the waist and leg openings
  • Perfect to cover fitted cloth diapers or over disposables as a swim diaper
  • PVC, Phthalate & Vinyl Free.
  • Made in the USA

We have a size large with pink and brown stripes (size large should fit a 30-40 pound child) and a size XL with blue and brown stripes (for a 35+ pound child).  Just post a comment below indicating which one you’d like before Tuesday and you’ll automatically be entered to win.


  1. Piri Jenkins says

    I love Bumkins all in one diapers and I would love to try the training pants. I would prefer the large pink one.

  2. We only cloth diaper our 4 month old son…and we have absolutely no regrets. It is surprisingly easy, not to mention affordable and environmentally responsible. I’m super curious to try the pull-on trainers when we get to that stage.

    Sign me up for the size XL blue/brown!

    Here’s to hoping I win.

  3. Pink/brown L

  4. I hope I win! If I do, can I have a small size, please? Love your website, keep up the great work!

  5. Whoops, guess I should read more carefully, make it a large.

  6. Love your website. Love Bumkins products. Love contests. And if I win I would like the size x-large please.

  7. These look super cute! I would love to try one of these out. If I am a winner, I would love the XL, thanks so much!

  8. This is such a great website! These Bumkins look so cute.

    On the off chance I won, I’d take the XL.

    Thanks for the awesome information!

  9. I’d love to win the XL one for my son, who’s 4 months now. We are cloth diapering so I hope it’s a little easier to potty train. I love the Bumkins bib we have and this looks like the same material. Thanks!

  10. I’d love the boyish one. I wish we’d had these for our older son! They look a whole lot nicer than a pullup.

  11. Mary Jenkins says

    i’d love a size large! we’re about to enter the potty zone and i need all the help i can get!

  12. nak… but I’d love the large!

  13. I would love to win either of them. If my boy can’t get one, we’ve got an adorable goddaughter who could wear the pink!

  14. I’d love to win the pink one! I just found your site recently and I’ve really been enjoying it. Thanks!

  15. I just recently found your blog and I LOVE it! I would love to win the pink and brown striped one for my daughter. All of your ideas and reviews have been so helpful!

  16. I would love to try these training pants. The XL size would fit my daughter. Thanks!

  17. I would like to try these little training pants. I like the pink ones!

  18. Oh, the pink and brown one is too cute! Almost cute enough to get me excited about potty training. Almost… : )

  19. We use cloth diapers for our son – he’s only three months old, but we’ll be needing training pants soon enough, so I’d love the brown and blue ones 🙂

  20. I’d love to have the large size. We’ve diapered pretty exclusively with bumkins for our daughter who is two now — they’re great. We haven’t tried their training pants and we aren’t quite ready for nighttime training yet, but I think that will be coming soon.

  21. Carla Pullum says

    Large Pink!!!

  22. What a great giveaway. I would love the pink and brown. my mom still puts my toddler in diapers at her house at night because she doesn’t want her to have an accident. She never does, but this would be a good safety measure and I would feel more comfortable with her wearing them.

  23. All right! As it is now Tuesday, it’s time for the great reveal. The winners are Jillian, who will be receiving the pink pants, and Frugal Babe, who has won the blue ones! Thanks to everyone who entered. I will post these results on tonight’s post as well. Jillian and Frugal Babe–we’ll be emailing you!

  24. Awesome! Thanks so much for hosting such a great giveaway!

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