Enter the Cloth Diaper Bravery Contest to Win a Bumkins Dirty Duds Bag!

When I first used cloth diapers with my tiny infant, I would switch to disposables every time we went to the grocery store or even on a walk down the street.  For some reason I couldn’t imagine handling a cloth diaper change in a public bathroom.

Then my yoga instructor told our class a story about using cloth diapers on a cross-continental flight with her young son and during her three-week family jaunt through Italy.  All of a sudden, going to the grocery store in cloth didn’t seem all that challenging. 

Since then, I’ve managed to do several cloth diaper changes on the grass at the park, in our car trunk, and on various living room floors. My most challenging cloth diaper adventure actually happened in a restroom when I was driving my six-month-old home from a trip to visit relatives.

Desperate for a spot to change him, I stopped at a fast food restaurant bathroom and once there—found that there was no diaper changing station.  So, I changed his cloth diapers in his car seat (and believe me, the contents were challenging!), and managed to get him back in clean, dry diapers without a hitch.  As I strode out of that A & W bathroom with my happy baby in my arms and the dirty diaper in my wet bag, I felt a new sense of cloth diaper confidence. 

Have you had any adventures with your baby in cloth?  Where did you go and how did you handle it?  Have you had any harrowing diaper changes that increased your confidence in cloth diapers on the go?  Do you hope that a dirty duds bag will help you make the switch from disposables to cloth?  Are you pregnant and wanting to find tools that will make cloth diapering easier for you?  Our winning entry will become a guest post on The Green Baby Guide and will win the author a brand new Bumkins Dirty Duds bag to further inspire cloth diaper confidence!  It’s a wet bag with an adorable print that easily stores dirty diapers when you’re out and about.  

To enter, just post a comment about your dirty diaper experience (or your hopes about having a heroic diaper change) by August 17th.  We’ll notify you by email you if your comment is the winner and send you your own Dirty Duds bag.  Thanks for sharing your cloth diaper victories with us! 


  1. In May of 2007, my younger brother graduated from Marine boot camp. The ceremony was to be held in South Carolina at Parris Island, about an 8 hour drive from our home in Virginia. Since I wanted to be there for this special moment in my brother’s life, I made arrangements to drive down there with my little ones and spend the weekend in a hotel.

    As the kids were only 10 months old and just-turned-2 years old at the time, I had a lot of packing to do. Plenty of snacks and toys for the car ride? Check. Blankies, loveys, and dollies? Check. Matching patriotic outfits? Check. Diapers? Hmm, I had a decision to make. I could spend $20 and buy a couple packs of disposables for the trip. That would have been easiest. However, I’m stubborn, and decided to stick with our usual bumwear of prefolds and covers.

    I packed our entire diaper stash into a collapsable laundry basket. I also took along a couple heavy-duty trash bags for dirty diapers, a box of baking soda and a bunch of grocery bags to keep in my diaper bag.

    The weekend was absolutely amazing! Kids did great on the long car ride down. Touring the base was very interesting, as it was my first time on one. And of course, the reason for the trip, seeing my brother in his uniform was just awe-inspiring. I was SO proud of him!

    Diaper-wise, things went smoothly as well. When we were out and about, I would put the dirty diapers in a grocery bag and shove it in the bottom of the stroller. At night, in the hotel, I rinsed out the poopy ones, and left them to drip dry over the edge of the toilet. The next morning everything went into the trashbag with a liberal sprinkling of baking soda. (I made sure to put a note on the bag, just in case, so the housekeeper wouldn’t toss it away while we were gone).

    Yes, it was a bit more work.But in the end, I am glad that I stuck to it. My brother was doing his part to protect our country… and I am doing my part in protecting the envrionment.

  2. Funny, my little guy is only five weeks old, but I have never really been hung up at all about cloth diapering on the go. Quite the opposite actually; I am motivated to use cds when we go out so that others can see how cute and easy they are! We wear them to church, on errands, when going to a friend’s for dinner, etc. In fact, we went out for lunch today after church, and changed a giant poopy cd on the front seat of our car.

    I don’t really find cding any more difficult (when you’re just out for the day) than sposies. As long as you’ve got a handy dandy bag to toss the dirty ones in, it’s really no different than throwing a sposie away… except that you have to throw the dirty cds in the wash when you get home.

    Now, we are taking our first weekend trip to visit family next weekend and we will be using sposies on that trip. I feel bad about asking to wash out my poopy diapers in a non-cding family’s washer.

  3. Wow, this is a great giveaway! We’re expecting our first baby this coming October and we’ve been reading up on going green for our baby. We’ve already bought prefolds, diaper covers, one-size pocket cloth diapers, and biodegradeable liners to start our journey. We’re really excited, but still have a long way to go. A lot of our friends are sceptical about our cloth diapering mission, but we’re really hoping to make all this happen! I love reading about all the support other cloth diapering parents are giving through their stories and tips that they share online. They are really inspiring and motivating. 🙂 Now, we need to get the soaps, diaper pail and of course a wetbag! This would be a great gift to win for my son, especially since we haven’t found any local stores selling them. Thanks for sharing the encouraging stories on cloth diapering. Hope we’ll become great parents 🙂


  4. I don’t really have an outrageous story, but we’ve had our share of big messy poops in our cloth diapers. We’re doing the prefolds and covers for the economy of it and let’s face it, they’re not always the best at keeping all that baby poop where it belongs. One time my husband was holding our son, rocking and playing with him on the rocker and the baby let out a huge toot and was grinning. My husband proceeded to play with him and my son continued to grin and then squirm. When my husband got up to hand him to me (always when poopied, it seems!), there was poop on his shirt and running down his leg. I carefully carried the baby as if he were a sacrificial lamb with my hands underneath his body holding him out in front of me. We made it to the changing table with only one drop of poop on the floor, but I’ve never seen such a heavily pooped diaper! It was a 6 wiper, because he then stuck his heel in in while he was on the table. We still laugh about it today.

    I’d love one of these bags to help things go a little easier when I’m on the go with him and the cloth diapers. Thanks so much!

  5. While my mom was visiting in town my fiances parents invited us all out to have dinner together. They picked a pretty shabby family owned restaurant for us to dine at. Well while we were driving over there we heard him make a big mess so as soon we got to the restaurant i headed straight for the bathroom…only to find that it was a single stall room with no changing table and not even a good sink counter to change him on. The restaurant didn’t have booths either, only upgraded folding chairs. So i had to change him at our table in his car seat. It was messy and the whole family made a big deal out of it, my fiance was so embarrassed. But i didn’t want to have to walk all the way out to the car (even though i ended up having to go there to breast feed him anyway…to many men’s eyes on us). I was frustrated the whole evening and irritated that they would pick such an unfriendly restaurant for babies. I mean we were seated next to a pool table and there were 7 foot tall speakers all around the room blasting loud music! Oh well, we learned that from now on if we haven’t been to the restaurant before then we’re not experimenting with a baby.

    I hope to win!

  6. I have a one-year old and wanted to do cloth-diapering from the beginning, but didn’t because he is in day care where they only do disposables. I didn’t push the issue because I thought cloth diapering was still the old pre-folds smelly diaper pails that my mom used, and it wouldn’t be easy to convince the day care that cloth diapering was simple and hygenic. Thanks to BabyCheapskate, I have spent quite a bit of time reading the last few weeks about how much cloth diapering has changed, and now have some ideas for “converting” my day care provider to cloth. I am excited to get supplied and start on my cloth diapering adventure–first at home, and then at day care!

  7. As the only mother in my mothers group using cloth diapers, I always felt under intense scrutiny whenever I had to change Thomas’ diapers around the others. Of course, he would save his best effort for when we were with non cloth users and those expolsive breast fed poos would give my homemade diapers a run for their money! Although the other mothers would screw up their noses and belittle my efforts at reducing diaper waste while caring for my sons health and the environment they were always impressed by my wetbag that totally contained any smells. Its not hard to cloth diaper when you put your child and the environment first.

  8. My 4 1/2 month old son proudly sports his pre-folds and soft covers everywhere we go. I knew before I even became preganant that I would cloth diaper my children because of the financial and environmental benefits. It was a no-brainer. I researched it, stocked our nursery with all the necessary goods, and have only been thrilled with the ease of cloth diapering.
    When Liam was 2 months, we went on a 4-day weekend up to the family farm in Iowa. It’s a 9 hour drive each way, and I didn’t want to mess with cloth diapering for that trip. So, I caved and bought Nature Baby disposables from our healthfood store. When I put one on him as we were about to leave, Liam wriggled all around in reaction to that papery thing I was wrapping around his bottom. These were definitely NOT his normal soft and comfy diapers. He had a blowout diaper on our rest stop in Target. One clean diaper, an entirely new outfit, plus a disgusted daddy later we were back on the road.
    While on the farm, a thunderstorm rolled in, and we huddled in the basement while Parkersburg, the next town over, was nearly leveled by a gigantic tornado. Scary. Down in the basement, I was holding Liam and felt something dripping on me. No, it was not rain seeping into the basement, nor was it me lactating from the stress. It was that silly disposable diaper dripping like a leaky faucet!
    Needless to say, we were not overly impressed with the disposables. I have never had such leaky or blowout problems with our cloth diapers.
    So now I am in California visiting my family, and we filled a third of our suit case with cloth diapers. It’s been ridiculously easy, and so much fun to show off his cute diapers to all of our friends and family who think I’m a loon for doing things the old-fashioned way. Maybe seeing Liam in his adorable duds will change their opinion…

  9. These stories are great. I don’t have a baby, yet, but I have been bouncing the idea of cloth diapers off my friends that do have children. About 25% say yes to cloth diapers, and I know when the time comes I too will using the soft cloth versus the disposables! Dorothy’s story is great!

  10. I have been CD’ing since the birth of my son 4 months ago. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. They look so cute both on his bum and the clothesline! We will be traveling by airplane to Florida this Fall and I am torn about whether continuing with the CDs or using disposables. With airline restrictions on baggage these days, it has become increasingly difficult for parents traveling with small children. I am really inspired by those parents who travel while CD’ing. I just love reading your posts with your tips, tricks and outrageous stories.
    As you all know or can imagine, having Dirty Duds Bags are indispensable when you are out and about. Just a tip: wet bags like the Bumkins are also great for swimming with your little one. Just place your wet items in the bag and you don’t have to worry about soaking your diaper bag. (Just another way to save from having to use plastic bags!)
    Keep spreading the CD word and wish me luck on my upcoming journey.

  11. Hello,

    My daughter is two and potty trained but she was CD’ed for two years. I brougth CDers on a camping trip when she was two weeks old. I did not have a great system like that bag so it became quite stinky in the tent. Now , I now better so when number two comes along I can CD all the way through our outdoor adventures.

    I am the main blogger on http://www.outdoorbaby.net and I will soon be posting a blog on how to CD in the outdoors.

    I also will be having some give aways and product reviews. So anyone out there with great CD products send them my way.


  12. Jen Farley says

    I recently started cloth diapering. I thought what a waste if I was recycling so much and then throwing those disposable diapers in the garbage. So here we are, in the throws of CDing. Building out stash has been interesting and trying out new diapers has been great too. even my husband has gotten into it, but has left all the messy diapers for me to clean up 😉

    I don’t have any great stories about a messy experience. I guess we’ve been lucky so far. I’m waiting for a “big blowout.”

  13. I’m almost seven months pregnant and ever since we found out, I’ve been slowly collecting cloth diapers and wraps. I’m not sure if I’m going to do the traditional prefold and cover, or all in one, but I feel so grateful that my husband is also very enthusiastic about CDing (he was a cloth diaper baby himself.) Since we both have jobs that will allow us to care for our baby full time at home, we thought it made sense to use cloth because we have the time and resources to do it. We’re excited about this choice and all the disposable diapers we will save from the landfill!

  14. The first time I went camping with my children, my youngest was 8 months old and solely in cloth diapers. I figured out it took a bit more space to bring the cloth diapers, and we brought a couple of pails with good lids to put the dirty diapers in, but it wasn’t much of a hassle, and we saved the money we would have spent on disposables. It was only for a weekend, so we just did a load when we got home so it was no hardship at all. We decided that camping was great fun, and we’ve been camping many times since!

  15. I am the mother of three beautiful children. Ages 5,3, and 1. Each and every one has been cloth diapered. I couldn’t afford the newer velcro/snap cloth diapers when I started, so I used the “old school” version of pre-folds and diaper pins with the classic vinyl diaper cover. I have always done cloth diapers while out and about, although some diaper changes were more adventuresome than others…

    We decided to go to an evening parade with the kids, chairs, snacks, and “old school” cloth diapers in tow. We enjoyed most of the parade and had a great time seeing all the lights and floats and hearing all the music. It was just about time to head home, the classic ending of the parade, the firetrucks and police cars were on their way. That was when I discovered the poopy diaper my then 2 1/2 year old had. Hmmmm… options… Leave him in the diaper? Nope. It was way to gross. Change him on the concrete? Nope. Also way to gross. Luckily my stroller lays down flat, so in he goes. What do I have in my survival kit (my diaper bag)? A pre-fold diaper and wipes. Well this poopy diaper was bad enough to need to change that classic vinyl cover to a new one. I dig through the diaper bag… no luck. How is this going to work?? I hunt for something to put the old diaper into. I usually carry a bundle of old grocery baggies to put stinkies into. Well, I am lacking that also. I empty the snack bag to use the baggie for the old diaper and use wet wipes to clean the diaper cover. Whew. Another victory for the cloth diapering mom! How nice it would have been to have Bumkins Dirty Duds Bag!

  16. Virginia, thanks for your story. Unfortunately, the Dirty Duds bag contest is over, but don’t despair! We are actually giving away another wet bag tomorrow. Come back and post a comment on that post for your chance to win. We aren’t even requiring an elaborate story for that one!

  17. Daniella Wolff says

    I don’t really have any outrageous cloth diapering stories. I have always found it easy to keep my son in cloth. The first time I changed him at gymboree class everyone commented on how cute my sons diaper was. I love to CD when in public because it is an opportunity to discuss the benefits of CDing and to demonstrate how easy it is!

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