Building Green Communities with Like-minded Parents

Green parenting requires thought, innovation, and courage—none of which come easy on limited sleep.  Having a community of like-minded parents is wonderful, but it can be challenging depending on a person’s geographic location or work schedule.  Still, if you hook up with a few families who are at least willing to try green living, it can be tremendously helpful. 

Here are a few places where you could start finding eco-friendly buddies:

Parenting groups: Usually by joining a parenting group you can find a few families who are interested in eco-friendly tips.  We loved our experience with Birth to Three here in Eugene and have made friendships that will last all through Roscoe’s childhood.

Community events: Story time at the local library, Earth Day Celebrations or free concerts in the park can be a great way to connect with other parents.  

Green groups: These are available in the Portland Metro area through one of our favorite local blogs, Enviromom.  Portland parents in different pockets of the city have free-form meetings to discuss the everyday challenges and victories of green living.

Start your own: Post a free ad in Craigslist asking moms to meet up weekly at a city park or even in your own home.  Hold “swap-meets” with local families to share toys and clothes.  You’re welcome to post a comment on this post asking if any Green Baby Guide readers live in your area. 

The good news is that you’re already part of a group of like-minded people: us!  Please remember to email us with any questions or tips you might want to share online.  We’d love to hear your voices as we continue to make Green Baby Guide a welcoming place for new parents.


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