Our Cloth Diaper Bravery Contest Winning Entry

We had so many deserving entries in our giveaway that I found myself wanting to buy everyone a Dirty Duds bag or sew a dozen by hand.  Since I’m not remotely wealthy, or skilled in sewing, I wrote Bumkins instead and begged for more prizes.  They awarded us with something all our readers can use! 

Just enter the coupon code 5off08 and get $5.00 off any purchase with a $50.00 minimum when ordering online at www.bumkins.com. The coupon is good on all merchandise so you can use it buy diapers, bibs and other baby gear as well. 

And here is our winning entry from April at Enchanted Dandelions.  

“In May of 2007, my younger brother graduated from Marine boot camp. The ceremony was to be held in South Carolina at Parris Island, about an 8 hour drive from our home in Virginia. Since I wanted to be there for this special moment in my brother’s life, I made arrangements to drive down there with my little ones and spend the weekend in a hotel.

As the kids were only 10 months old and just-turned-2 years old at the time, I had a lot of packing to do. Plenty of snacks and toys for the car ride? Check. Blankies, loveys, and dollies? Check. Matching patriotic outfits? Check. Diapers? Hmm, I had a decision to make. I could spend $20 and buy a couple packs of disposables for the trip. That would have been easiest. However, I’m stubborn, and decided to stick with our usual bumwear of prefolds and covers.

I packed our entire diaper stash into a collapsible laundry basket. I also took along a couple heavy-duty trash bags for dirty diapers, a box of baking soda and a bunch of grocery bags to keep in my diaper bag.

The weekend was absolutely amazing! Kids did great on the long car ride down. Touring the base was very interesting, as it was my first time on one. And of course, the reason for the trip, seeing my brother in his uniform was just awe-inspiring. I was SO proud of him!

Diaper-wise, things went smoothly as well. When we were out and about, I would put the dirty diapers in a grocery bag and shove it in the bottom of the stroller. At night, in the hotel, I rinsed out the poopy ones and left them to drip dry over the edge of the toilet. The next morning everything went into the trash bag with a liberal sprinkling of baking soda. (I made sure to put a note on the bag, just in case, so the housekeeper wouldn’t toss it away while we were gone).

Yes, it was a bit more work. But in the end, I am glad that I stuck to it. My brother was doing his part to protect our country… and I am doing my part in protecting the environment.”

Honorable mention goes to Kathleen at Katydid and Kid and Dorothy at Gabriel, Dorothy and William for their fabulous descriptions of those dirty diaper moments.  Thanks to everyone who participated and, as always, we’d love to hear more cloth diaper victory stories!



  1. COngratulations, that entry is really entertaining and remind me of a time when my kids where babies… thank you for putting a smile on my face. You really deserve the prize… I might submit my own story too! 🙂

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