The History of The Green Baby Guide

The very first green parenting community I joined consisted of two people: Rebecca and me–and it’s a group you’re now a part of!  The Green Baby Guide started over two years ago when I began frantically calling Rebecca about cloth diapers, homemade baby food, and Craigslist cribs.  Although we had been friends for fifteen years and had always kept up with postcards and emails, the overlap in our pregnancies and our green ideals suddenly made regular communication seem vastly more important. 

Rebecca was several months ahead of me in her pregnancy, so she learned a great deal by herself and then shared her crash course information with me.  When people questioned my plans for using cloth diapers, I could confidently tell them that I knew people (i.e., Rebecca) who were doing just fine with cloth. When I was overwhelmed by the variety and complexity of cloth diapers on the market, Rebecca took me to a consignment shop and helped me buy used diaper covers for a paltry $7.00 investment.

In the weeks after we returned home with baby, my husband and I found ourselves utterly humbled with the task at hand, but with Rebecca’s coaching, and the help of other families, we found a community of new parents who were going green.

Now our circle has widened to include our readers, fellow bloggers, and an increasingly large section of the American population.  We wish we could share hand-me-downs with all of you, but since we don’t live in most of your neighborhoods, recipes, tips and anecdotes will have to suffice.  Thanks for joining our community of green parents!


  1. Thanks for finding my blog! I love you’re web site and have learned quite a bit. Thrifty Green Thursday have been fun to do.

  2. Thank you two for sharing your trials and triumphs with us. It has been such a blessing to find all this great green info on line. Locally its hard to come by so we’ve based most of our parenting decisions on information that we’ve found on the internet. Your site is well designed and posts are always interesting…thanks for doing it right and for just doing it at all!

  3. We’re flattered Cathy and Jillian! It’s so nice to know that others like you are also working to support green families. All of our voices together are part of this grassroots green movement, and while it does feel like we’re fumbling part of the time, we are gathering momentum!

  4. So today i happened to be searching the internet like a madman trying to find out whether or not it was okay to wash my cloth diapers in cold water instead of hot and voila! i stumbled across you guys! Three and a half hours and every last archive and link later, i just wanted to say bless your little green hearts and THANK YOU!!! for this amazing wealth of information, support, and encouragement. I am so much more inspired by reading what you’ve had to say than i can possibly express.

  5. Joy, I don’t know what I can say without getting really sappy so I will just say that you rock! You too Rebecca! The tone you have set here of positive support and encouragement and recognizing that it is a struggle makes changing one’s lifestyle seem possible instead of overwhelming.

  6. I enjoy this site – thanks for all the effort you put into it! I like that it is focused on living eco-consciously, and that the advice remains practical and honest!

  7. Thanks, everybody, for the compliments! It’s great to hear such positive feedback about our site. And thank you for the writing this post, Joy. Ah, the memories. . . .

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