Organic Food Deals at the Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet is one of those discount grocery stores that features deep discounts on name brands.  Some of the products have been discontinued, some cans are dented, and some packages are close to their expiration date.  I had never shopped in one before moving to my new neighborhood.  The sign above the store advertised “Over 120 Organic Products!”  Organic products at bargain basement prices?  This I had to see for myself!

Wandering through the aisles, the organic products were few and far between.  I found plenty of sugar cereals, chips, crackers, and cheap toys, but no organic food.  Well, not at first anyway.  I had to remind myself that I wasn’t in a hippie health food store or even a Whole Foods–organic items weren’t going to hit me in the face.  Upon closer inspection, I did find the organic products promised by the sign: a few packages of crackers, some Amy’s brand frozen dinners and canned soups, Organic Valley milk, and various organic cheeses. 

The prices were very reasonable, too.  The canned soups were $.99, compared to over $2 at other stores.  Natural cheese crackers (an organic version of Cheez-its) cost just $1.29 a box.  I found some Mori-nu silken tofu to make the popsicles Joy raved about  for just $.99.  I bought some at Whole Foods a few weeks ago for $1.79.  I also picked up a small Tetra package of organic potato leek soup for just $.79.

You won’t be able to do all your organic shopping at Grocery Outlet, but if you live near one, it’s worth it to stop in and take a look, especially if you’re in the market for organic convenience foods.  (They have a produce section but none of it was organic when I stopped by.)  Grocery Outlets are located all over California, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona.   Don’t live in those states?  Please let us know where you’ve found some great deals on organic foods.

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  1. I love the Grocery Outlet too. I’ve seen quite a few organic items at my local store, one of them specifically Aunt Annies…I think it was cereal. I’ve always found great bargains at that store.

  2. i had to comment again, lol. I actually wore contacts way back when as well, and had the gas permeable hard lenses. I remember all those solutions! It was mid 90s when I wore them, I was 14 or 15 and they were awful. I finally decided it was time to venture into contacts again. lol

  3. I live in Virginia, so no Grocery Outlets. We do have a Sharp Shopper, which sounds like the same type of store. It’s a bit of a drive, so we don’t get to go very often. Last time I went, though, I found some Annie’s Mac-n-Cheese for 2/$1. I stocked up. 🙂 Also, they had some 1/2 gallon of chocolate soy milk that was a few days from expiring, so I grabbed a couple of those (a nice treat for my dairy-intolerant son).

    Hmm… I haven’t been in a while, and now I have a sudden urge to go!

  4. We love the Grocery Outlet, and I do find a good amount of organics at ours. The only bummer is we have to travel to another town to go there. We do have an independent grocery store in my town that has really good prices and a good selection of organics so we go there the most.

  5. We live in the South so there is no Grocery Outlet here but we do have Big Lots. It’s the unusual place that you won’t think they will have organic items. But I have found several items for organic like Organic Pasta Sauce, organic Mac&Cheese, Organic cereal.. The problem with Big Lots is their inventory varies. So your finding might vary from week to week.

  6. The outlet near me in Oregon also carries “organic” personal products like Nature’s Organics, Alba, Earth’s Best, and others. You have to check to ingredients though because some of them are old formulas with parabens.

  7. Joanna, thanks for commenting! (For those reading along, her second comment refers to a conversation we are having about contact lenses over at her website, Krusty Mama!)

    April, thanks for the Sharp Shopper tip. I don’t think we have this store here, but 2/$1 Annie’s mac-n-cheese sounds like an excellent bargain. I think I pay a dollar for organic mac-n-cheese from Trader Joe’s.

    Cinnamon, I would stick to the independent local store if I were you! I am sad that I no longer live within walking distance of New Season’s. That was the local, organic store I used to frequent. It was hardly a bargain, though.

    Amy, I think we have Big Lots here. I had no idea they carried organic food. Wow! The selection over at Grocery Outlet sounds the same–variable.

    Linda, thanks for the tip about organic beauty products at Grocery Outlet. I can’t remember if they had any there when I visited.

  8. I live near Denver, so there’s no Grocer’s Outlet. But we do have Big Lots! I’ll definitely have to check them out.

    We have Sunflower Markets, which is a bit like Trader Joe’s. The deals are very hit or miss, so I don’t make the drive to it anymore.

  9. Hi,

    We sort of have Big Lots in Portland- there’s one in Milwaukie, one in Gresham, and one in Vancouver.

    Although we also have a few non-chain discount stores- they’re very similar to Grocery Outlet (their stock is slightly damaged goods, overstocks, beyond “best-by” dates).

    Those in Portland, I’d reccommend checking out:
    -Three Boy Grocery outlet on MLK and…close to Rosa Parks/Portland Blvd and one on the main strip of St. John’s

    – Solo Thrift on McLoughlin (name might have changed, it’s across from that Dig clothing store.

  10. Cathy, we don’t have Sunflower Markets as far as I know, but the next time I’m in Denver, maybe I’ll get a chance to check it out. (My grandparents live there.)

    Todd, thanks for the scoop on discount shopping in Portland. That’s good to know that there are some Big Lots in the suburbs. I guess I never knew what that store was! I remember going to Three Boys with a friend who is obsessed with the place. I found some organic baby cereal and organic jarred baby food there (the only packaged baby food I ever bought)! Solo Thrift is definitely called something else now, but I don’t remember what. I just went there with another discount-loving friend, and I found some natural peanut butter for $1.49. It was kind of hard to stir, but good nonetheless.

  11. I have found wonderful deals on natural shampoo, toothpaste, and lotions as well as organic prepared foods at Grocery Outlet. These products are MUCH cheaper there than anywhere else, but, like many of you, Grocery Outlet’s location isn’t convenient for us. Still, I hit it up once every few months and stock up. I never knew that they carried organic foods until Rebecca tipped me off. Now I’m addicted!

  12. sandra Portusach says

    I really love going to the Grocery Outlet because of the dicount organic food . i llive in California and ours is pretty great because I always see organic food,canned or boxed even alot of cereal. I like the fact that they have organic shampoo , toothpaste,lotions and baby products most of the time. It is about ten minutes from where I live I go there at least twice a month. i have been using organic products ever since I saw campaign for safer cosmetics. That is a great web site.

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