Bleached Carrots, Trash Talk, & a Big Vat of Salsa: Our Sunday Round-up

Green and Clean Mom reveals that baby carrots are dipped in bleach to prevent those pesky white spots.  It looks like switching over to full-size carrots might be the way to go.

Also at Green and Clean Mom, I found a discussion about paying for trash: how do you pay for it?  If trash pick-up is paid by taxpayers, there is not much incentive for people to recycle or reduce the amount they toss each week.   Some people have to pay extra for recycling–yet pay very little for up to four bags of trash a week!   I guess I am a bit of a stickler about this issue.  I think the system should be set up so that recycling and community composting is mandatory and people have to pay for how much heads to a landfill.

This whole garbage discussion originated over at Enviromom, who issued a One Can a Month challenge last July.   Even if your city offers no incentives for reducing the amount of trash throw away, you can still find ways to reduce the amount you consume.  Enviromom has several ideas for cutting down  the amount of garbage you generate, room by room.

And speaking of Enviromom, The Green Baby Guide was proud to be featured along with this great Portland-based website in the special baby issue of Metro Parent.  You can read it online–we’re in the article called “Growing a ‘Green’ Baby.”

Despite my claim to hate buying in bulk, I was intrigued by Call Her Blessed’s post about making a HUGE vat of salsa.  She divides it up into dozens of jars and keeps it in her fridge for months.   You could also can the salsa, but she says this changes the flavor a bit.  I am now inspired to whip up a cauldron of salsa of my own!

Maybe Joy’s Thrifty Green ThursdayUsing a Pantry to Save Time, Money, and the Planet” post has influenced me just a bit, because I found myself reading Happy to Be at Home‘s Freezer Cooking 101 tutorial with interest.  Very strange, considering my twin dislikes of bulk buying and thawed out food.  (I discussed this a bit in my Eco-friendly and Budget-friendly Alternatives to Takeout post.)

Please let me know what you think about any one of these issues by posting a comment!


  1. Hey, thanks for the link! The salsa turned out delicious, and I’ve enjoyed sharing several jars with my neigbors. It was so fun when a neighbor showed up with an empty jar and said “how much for more?!” 🙂

  2. Very cool article in Metro Parent! And I’m going to try that salsa recipe.

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