Natural Pod Review and Wooden Toy Giveaway

Rebecca and I were delighted to discover Natural Pod, a website full of quality, eco-friendly toys.  If we had endless baby budgets, we might find ourselves purchasing everything on their site—from the wooden oven to the fully waterproof suits for Oregon winters.  The toys and gifts are truly beautiful and heirloom quality.

Roscoe tried out the plates and cups from Natural Pod and has been enthralled with them for weeks.  He uses them to feed blocks to his stuffed squirrels and carefully carries then around the house with perfect balance.  Besides training him to be a waiter one day, I find that the simplicity of the cups and plates makes them wonderful for creative play.   He uses them as hats for his animals, builds block towers on the plates, and uses them to prepares several imaginary meals. 

Rebecca’s daughter Audrey received the gnome family kit, which comes with colorful pieces of felt for the clothes, little wooden beads for the faces and hands, pipe cleaners for the bodies, and embroidery thread to pull it all together.  Her mom has volunteered to assemble and sew the dolls, which should be done just in time to surprise Audrey for Christmas.  The kit also comes with some gnome facts.  Do you know why gnomes wear pointy hats?  (To keep falling acorns from hurting their heads.)

Now for the best news of all: Natural Pod is sponsoring a giveaway for one of our lucky readers!  By commenting below you’ll be entered to win a set of these natural stacking rings—a beautiful addition to your baby’s nursery or the perfect holiday gift.   Be sure to comment before October 28th to win.  Thanks for your interest in Natural Pod toys and good luck on the giveaway!



  1. Those are lovely.

  2. Great!

  3. Mrs. Belflower says

    Oh, how awesome. What an excellent giveaway!

  4. Love the rings! Is it real wood or pressed wood with formaldehyde?

  5. Love these! And so would my son 🙂

  6. The rings are beautiful. . .much nicer than the fabric or plastic rings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. My baby boy wold love these!

  8. I always prefer playing (or creating) with quality materials. These look so nice to touch!

  9. Those are beautiful! My son would be all over these!

  10. This would be great for my baby:)

  11. Carrie Lancon says

    I always loved old fashioned wood toys.There’s nothing like them in the world

  12. Love the wooden toy movement. I was lucky to have a father who carved and whittled toys for us growing up. We still have these toys today because they are such treasures.

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