A Moving Costume: Easy Trick-or-Treating Transportation

Because our trick-or-treating journey will be a bit long this year, my husband decided to make Roscoe’s wagon part of the costume.  My son received it for his birthday this year after we did some rust-removal and repainting. It’s now one of his most prized possessions and we love its versatility and usefulness. 

My hubby found some old cardboard in our attic and a few wooden sign posts.  He cut them out, decorated them with some of our old paint (the red was left over from the wagon) and made an easy add-on to the wagon. 

It cost just under $4.00 total for this fabulous moving costume and the objects we reused have been granted a second (more glamorous) life too!  It’s more adorable and natural than those large plastic vehicles for sale at big-box stores and it’s  provided just as much fun.

Since our son is completely obsessed with school buses, he’ll be wearing a shirt with an iron-on school bus design that my husband downloaded onto a printer-friendly iron-on.  He’ll get lots of use out of the shirt long after Halloween too!

Although we’re still a few days away from Halloween, Roscoe now takes regular rides around the neighborhood in his new school bus wagon.  People stop and ask about it, wave from their cars, and generally love its homemade charm. 

It took my husband less than two hours to craft it and will make trick-or-treating a whole lot easier (and cuter) this year!  For more Thrifty Green Thursday tips visit our contributors in the links below.  If you’d like to join, just click here for details!

Also, congratulations to Abigail Dobbins, the winner of our Natural Pod giveaway!  We hope you enjoy those stacking rings for the next several years!   



  1. your bus is very cute! I think that would be quite fun.

  2. Your hubby did a FANASTIC job. That is SO cute! Roscoe is the most adorable bus driver I have ever seen. 🙂

  3. Did you have a hard time getting him out of the “bus”? My son would have slept in it for weeks! Have a great time?

  4. That’s such a great idea–costume and mode of transportation in one! Very cute!

  5. Great job!!! Very cute.

  6. That’s a great idea! I can see a whole fleet of these from trains to trucks to animals. I’m keeping that in mind for the wagon my in-laws got my son for Christmas.

  7. Thanks for all the compliments! I’m going to pass them onto my hubby since he did all the inventing and building. Roscoe does love his bus more than anything and sometimes has a bit of trouble getting out. I forgot to add that he uses a peanut butter lid as a steering wheel while we’re out on our neighborhood jaunts. Quite cute!

  8. I love the bus, what a great idea!

  9. That bus is so great! I love all the details. When Ian was that age I painted a cardboard box like a train and made little duct tape straps for him to wear it. He wore that thing every day until it wore out.

  10. Brilliant idea!

  11. Where is the wagon handle? The back of the bus? I’d like to replicate for my son.

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