My Little Pakora Giveaway–Win an Organic Onesie and Hat!

We’re always on the hunt for green companies providing quality baby products—and were excited to stumble on My Little Pakora.  The company’s eco-friendly values and South Asian roots were especially appealing to us.  Read our interview with the company’s founder, Sonia Gupta, to find out more!

GBG: What inspired you to start Little Pakora and what is your company’s mission?

Sonia: My daughter inspired me..after her birth in 2006 I realized that there was not a good forum for clothing inspired by South Asian culture. Also, I wanted a place where I could gain knowledge on how to integrate South Asian culture with Organic living which is the concept behind My Little Pakora. Our mission is to educate parents and create a fun clothing line that parents and kids alike will adore.

GBG: What are the most popular items in Little Pakora’s product line?

Sonia: Both of our lines are doing extremely well…but if I were to pinpoint the most popular they would be our Monkey, Elephant, Lion, OmBaby and of course the associated accessories with these items.

GBG: How do Little Pakora’s products differ from other organic products on the market?

Sonia: Our products are truly inspired by South Asia and educational in nature (my daughter has learnt all the animals in Hindi with the shirts). In addition our portal is unique in that most clothing companies do not provide the information on raising baby green like we do. Over time we hope to expand our resource center and our clothing line with more articles, recipes, and a feedback section. Our goal is to really make a community out of the My Little Pakora brand.

If you would like to win one of My Little Pakora’s Lotus Baby onesies with a matching chocolate hat, just post a comment below.  All their products are certified organic and they happen to be quite cute as well.  Please post a comment before Monday, November 10th to be eligible to win!  (U.S. and Canadian addresses only, please.)


  1. So so cute!

  2. I would love to win this cute onesie and hat. 🙂

  3. so cute! I’d love a chance! thanks!!

  4. Ooh, I’d love to win just for that adorable hat!

  5. So cute, I love the onesies!

  6. What a neat company

  7. Those are adorable–I’d love those for my niece!

  8. How cute! I’d love that for my baby due in January. 🙂

  9. Count me in too, i love organic clothing for babies. My only problem is that the babies get all the cute organic stuff, adult eco-clothing is either way to expensive or way to frumpy. We are trying to limit purchasing new clothing though, i’ve been doing a lot of thrift store digging and found great stuff for cheap.

  10. Do you post to Europe? On a compacting year, this will be grrrrreat for my baby or as a pressie for friend’s babies.

  11. I always love hearing about small companies with products inspired by their children – and organic too!

  12. These are absolutely adorable! I love the blending of culture and green manufacturing!

  13. Sounds like a fabulous company!

  14. Very cute. Love them both. I’ll have to visit the site.

  15. Splendid! My cup of tea! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Sorry, Mon! Little Pakora ships to U.S. and Canadian addresses only. I will add that information to the post.

  17. what lovely products:)

  18. YAy to south asians…..adorable clothing..

  19. This is so cute and adorable!

  20. Kudos! This is a great concept, combining south asian ethnic pride and a healthy dose of environmentalism!

  21. Very cute.

  22. Those are absolutely ADORABLE!!!

  23. Wow, what a beautifully designed website! I’d love to win the Wild Baby Onesie (sher) since my son is growling like a baby lion right now at this stage of development. It’s so cute!

  24. I would like to win this for my friends who are adopting from Southeast Asia. I like Bandar and Hathi.

  25. Oh what a nice giveaway! I would love to win this!

  26. So cute! I’d love to win.

  27. I’m always looking for organic made clothing and now with the arrival of my little one I only want the best against her skin. Crossing my fingers, hope to win!

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