Saving Money on Holiday Groceries

My life has become a bit easier this year with the addition of a freezer and makeshift pantry in our garage.  What a difference!  I’ve cut my grocery shopping trips down to one or two per month and been able to stock up on sale foods at peak times.  Our membership to a CSA fills in the fresh food gaps with local organic produce each week.

Since my state of mind has shifted toward stocking up, I realize that now is a great time to purchase sale priced products that will last for months.  After studying a few grocery store flyers, I’ve found myself stocking up on the following items:

Baking supplies: It’s a great time to load up on flour, spices (although they are cheaper and eco-friendlier if you can get them in bulk) , and chocolate chips.  Even baking sheets and pie pans are available at a discount over the next month or so.

Turkey and Tofurky: Both of these items can be purchased at fabulous prices at this time of year,frozen, and used later in the winter.  According to Turtle Island Foods, makers of the tofu-based tofurky roast, it can be frozen for up to a year before being used.  Trader Joes has some excellent prices on natural turkeys and  a few local grocers even have free range birds at great discounts.

Seasonal produce: Squash, sweet potatoes, onions and apples are all on sale now and can be stored for months in a cool, dry location.  If you store them separately (so that they aren’t touching one another) they’ll last much longer.  Also look for cans of organic pumpkin and jars of applesauce which both work as cheap organic baby food too!  

What are your grocery shopping tips for holiday savings?  Have you already purchased your groceries for the big meal next week?  Are you in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year or can you happily just show up with an adorable baby at someone else’s table?  For your sake, I heartily hope it’s the latter.   

Thanks for joining us this week for Thrifty Green Thursday.  If you have a simple tip for saving the planet and a few bucks, please click here to jump right in.  We’d love to have you! 

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  1. these are great ideas. i’ve definitely been stocking up on chocolate chips as well as pumpkin, which is great to have on hand for baking and quick soups.

    admitedly, i’ve never tried tofurky, but i have to say, that picture freaks me out!

  2. Suzannah:

    I switched the photo just for you! Seriously though I’m AMAZED at what they can do with tofu-based foods. Although we aren’t vegetarians we’ve tried veggie based hot dogs, chicken patties, and sausage and found them to be quite delicious–although expensive. I haven’t tried tofurky but several foodie websites said that vegetarians and omnivores alike have found it to be quite delicious. Hopefully the photo won’t be as scary now. Has anyone out there had a few bites of tofurky? What can you report?

  3. That’s a great tip about storing apples and onions, etc. I would like to stock up on produce more so I’m not going to the store every week for fruit. I did use another tip on this site about storing green tomatoes, and I’m happy to say I’ve had tomatoes from my garden until this week!

  4. Great tips. One of my teen boys is a vegetarian and I’m slowly migrating to that position myself. I’m also a big believer in buying and storing in bulk as far as the staples and many other foods are concerned. Also, we’re using more beans and rice and finding we’re probably eating healthier as well as cheaper. Thanks!

  5. We’re trying a tofurky for the first time this Thanksgiving. I’m really excited to try it. I’ve liked most of the tofu-based products we’ve had. But we’re having Thanksgiving on the farm in Iowa. It will be interesting to see how others respond to this 🙂

  6. I love this time of year for stocking up on baking supplies. What I buy, usually lasts me all year. Thanks for the tips!

  7. I never realized that apples could be stored long term. I’ve been giving my daughter pumpkin puree over the past week and she’s loving it. Even more than the sweet potatoes a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t thought of stocking up but good idea since it will be gone soon. I’d love to get a turkey now to freeze but unfortunately we don’t have the freezer space. Maybe I can hit up a friend with an upright freezer.

  8. I keep apples in the refrigerator and they last at least a few months. If they get a bit mushy, I just make an apple crisp or something out of them. Onions keep best if stored in a cool, DARK place where air can flow. Since you have to store potatoes and onions separately, I keep potatoes in the fridge in a paper bag. If I had more cupboard or pantry space, I’d keep potatoes in a cupboard, too.

    As for the Tofurkey, I haven’t tried it, but I would if someone else made one. I usually get plenty to eat at Thanksgiving by sticking to all those side dishes!

  9. hehe, thanks for changing the picture–it’s much more appetizing! i do enjoy tofu and have been please with the soy alternatives i tried.

    realized it looks like my link didn’t post, so i’m submitting my thursday tip here on saturday…

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