Like some green moms, I aspired to blend boiled kale into ulta-nutritious meals that my baby would love without the expense and waste of prepared baby food.

After a few months of trying to balance sleep deprivation, dirty diapers, teaching, and my own sanity, I decided to embrace those tiny jars of freedom and relinquish my dreams of green perfection.  Although I did supplement with home blended meals, organic jarred food was a huge gift.   You can read about my baby food adventures here.

All those glass containers were carefully recycled, but now that I’m out of the baby food stage, I wish I would’ve reused them instead. 

Here are just a few ways they could come in handy for holiday gifts:

  • Of course, the most practical suggestion is to make a chair. (kidding–but the chair is real.  Click on the image to check it out.)
  • The larger jars are the just the right size for homemade jam or jelly.
  • If you’re trying to fit healthy eating into your busy holiday schedule this year, use baby food jars for toddler snacks on the go or salad dressing in packed lunches.
  • For the project person in your life, baby food lids can be screwed onto a board, equal distance apart, to create a nifty storage system.  It works for the garage, a craft room, or for desk supplies.  For directions, go here.
  • They are a great way to package up homemade finger paints or powdered tempera paints as simple stocking stuffers for your tots.
  • You can dry herbs from your garden, seal them in the tiny jars, decorate the lids and and use them as gifts.  
  • If garden grown herbs aren’t readily available, you can make a handy little spice selection for a friend by buying spices in bulk and packaging them up in decorated baby food jars. 
  • Create a purse-sized sewing kit for busy moms by filling a jar with buttons, safety pins, and a small piece of cardboard wrapped with thread and loaded up with a few needles. 
  • This site offers an extensive list of crafts that can be done with baby food jars, including tiny gardens, candles, and homemade berry ink.

Do you have any tips on how to reuse those nifty little storage containers?  If so, we’d love to add to our list.