5 Unexpectedly Green Holiday Gifts for Baby

1. Garage sale toys

2. Experience gifts

3. Money

 4. Donation to a charity in baby’s name

5. Most shocking of all . . . NOTHING!  Before you discount this idea as completely Scrooge-like, hear me out.  Will a baby really know if you got her a gift or not?  Most pint-sized toys and clothes get relegated to the basement or attic within a few months.
You may think “going green” means shelling out extra cash for organic clothes and hand-crafted toys carved from sustainable wood.  All the gifts we mentioned use no raw materials so your bundle of joy can leave a little footprint on the Earth.  Rather than depriving your child, you’re emphasizing the true meaning of the holidays: family togetherness, festive food, good cheer, and of course (adjective) + (abstract noun of choice).


  1. so true–good for you for saying it! We’ve all been brainwashed in the holiday season to spend, spend or the economy will tank. It’s unsustainable.

  2. Thanks for this! We’ve already decided that Fiona is getting nuthin’ for Christmas. (Actually, we plan to regift a few of 4 y.o. Freddie’s baby toys – assuming Freddie doesn’t thwart our plans.) She’ll be not-quite-three-months come Christmas morning and you’re exactly right – she won’t know.

    My mother is gifting her with money for her college savings account; she’ll probably get a few outfits from other family members, but we’ve encouraged them to feel free to skip a gift.

  3. ::clapping for #5::

    We didn’t get our first anything for his first Christmas last year (besides, he got spoiled rotten from the rest of the family!) We are getting him a toy this year, but it’s more of a toy for daddy, lol

    Now that #2 is here, we have not planned on getting anything for him. He won’t remember 10 mins after the gifts are opened, b/c he’ll be sitting in a pile from his grandparents, lol

    We also for our eldests’ first birthday said “no gifts, please” on the invites (we actually got a few gifts cards to grocery stores! lol)

  4. Good to hear that I am not too much of a scrooge for getting my baby cloth diapers for Christmas her for her first two years of life! 🙂 She gets plenty of toys and clothes from the relatives, I figure.

  5. Molly’s first christmas I will remember, but she won’t. I tell her two older sisters, 9 and 11 that she doesn’t need any christmas presents. Of course they are shocked, but just like not having her own room, she will not remember any of this. She is very comfortable sleeping in our closet in her cradle for now. But I have to say, her favorite toy is the 50 cent mobile that my friend Chandra bought.

  6. I agree with Fern — gifts to college accounts are always appreciated! I just wish my family would agree instead of buying toys.

    My MIL insists on gifts for the kids. I finally found a bedding set that my youngest will eventually need for a “big boy bed.” And I am trying to convince them that if they must buy toys to buy building blocks or legos, something they can build with.

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