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While here at the Green Baby Guide we approve of garage sale gifts, experience gifts, and even no gifts for your offspring this holiday season, sometimes you do want to buy a little something for the baby in your life.  We’ve personally worked with the eco-friendly companies listed below–some of you may have been lucky enough to win one of their great products in our past giveaways.

Pedoodles shoes are green because they’re made from recycled leather remnants.  Look for the “eco-friendly” label in the Next Steps Collection.   They’re very sturdy with a highly flexible sole and have become our favorite choice for shoes. 

Isabooties are a great leather-free bootie for young babies and early walkers.  They come in so many darling designs, you’ll want to order every one.

Natural Pod carries wooden toys, organic clothing dyed with natural dyes, and much more.  We lust after their all wooden kitchen sets for kids and especially like their lineup of imaginative play toys.

My Little Pakora features a line of organic baby clothes with whimsical animal designs on them.  If you’re going to indulge in new, organic baby clothes, these are a great choice.

Why not treat your baby to some new cloth diapers to ring in the new year?  Here are some of our favorites: Bumkins, Fuzzibunz, Happy Heinys, bumGenius

While most people think of giving eco-friendly diaper cakes for baby showers, what about the holidays?  Here’s one decked out in Christmas colors by Grow in Style.

Another great gift idea comes from Monkey Foot Designs: stylish, waterproof wet bags for cloth diapers, swimming suits, or anything else.  The small bag costs just $16 and the large $22–an excellent deal for a custom-made bag.

Cozy Bunny sells soft, woolen baby clothes and changing pads.

Also, don’t forget Baby Blend Tees.  We’re giving one away right now, so post a comment before Monday and win one for your baby or child.

Happy hunting for holiday swag!

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