The Saturday Question: Which Cloth Diapers Provide the Best (and Worst) Leakage Protection?

We love gathering up green parent advice and are already thankful for the tips we got from last week’s post on potty training.  This week, we turn to cloth diaper users for their experiential wisdom.

What are your favorite brands/styles of cloth diapers?  We’re especially interested in which diapers have provided the least leakage and the best fit, but we’d also like to hear about brands that turned out to be total duds. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!


  1. we like BumGenius a lot! Worst leakage are any ones that you use the wrong detergent on and start repelling. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything :o)

  2. I have used Happy Heinys, Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz. Bum Genius are the best by a long shot for leaks, Fuzzi Bunz are pretty good, but sometimes leak around the legs, especially if my daughter is wearing a onesie. The Happy Heinys leaked as well. But really, even disposables will leak occasionally, so I wouldn’t call any of them duds. Bum Genius are definitely the best for leak protection, IMO.

  3. Kelly, I was on the Happy Heinys website recently and I saw something interesting. They don’t sew seams around the legs and the fleece fabric that’s on the inside kind of rolls out. They do this on purpose! On the site it says to let the fleece roll out a bit, and that keeps the diaper from leaking. (I don’t know if I explained that well, but it made sense when I read it on their site!)

  4. We LOVE our Pocket Change and Happy Heinys … I’m the odd one out that HATES our BG3.0…they retain all the stink in the world. None of my other diapers stink…just those…I don’t know what it is (but I’ve heard this complaint from a lot of mamas – they do hold in the leaks, I give em that…but the smell – I want to toss em!…hubby loves em too much though, lol)

    Our Nana’s Bottoms also hold in the leaks well

    …We actually don’t have a diaper that leaks (unless the diaper forgets to be changed for a LONG time…yikes!)

  5. My little man is a Bum Genius (1 size) baby! We LOVE them and have never had any trouble with leakage or fit. However, since the BG’s didn’t fit right away we started him in Thirsties AIO XS. We had a love hate realationship with those. Love the AIO style, hate the long drying time, love the extra legg seams for fit but they leaked like crazy!!! We would have to change his onsie at every diaper change it was so frustrating.

  6. I love kissaluvs fitteds , with imse vimse covers. the best combo.
    kissaluvs have a great fit, very absorbant, really soft, and come in cute colors. kissaluvs also makes really nice contour diapers.
    imse vimse are mine, and my husbands favorite covers, they are velcro which is super easy and the gussets on the leg openings prevent leaks, and the prints are adorable.

    For pockets we have used and liked, BumGenius, fuzzi bunz, and Happy Heinys. Fuzzi Bunz being my favorite nightime diaper.

    I personally prefer a fitted diaper with a cover because you can just change the soiled diaper, and reuse the cover. and i feel you have less leakage, because the diaper is secured first and the cover on top.

  7. I have a 16 month old boy. I have tried BumGenius one-size pockets, Fuzzi Bunz, Thirsties AIOs, some WAHM-made pockets, and an Imse Vimse cover with prefolds.

    My favorite by far for leak protection are the Fuzzi Bunz. The two snaps on each side help me get a really good fit around the legs (where most of our leaks occur). Fuzzi Bunz are the only diapers that have even come close to holding in my heavy night wetter (with a doubler).

    I love the fit of the Thirsties AIOs because of the leg gussets, but mine wick like crazy. As a result, I will only use the Thirsties for a couple hours at a time, max. I had a LOT of leaks with the the Imse Vimse cover with prefolds, but possibly because I had no idea how to assemble it correctly. I ended up only using it a few times.

    The BumGenius one-size are the easiest diaper I have, but I have had some occassional leaking around the legs (I think maybe because the insert is getting pushed off-center while baby is running around?) If I put a diaper doubler inside in addition to the microfiber insert, that helps some.

    Fuzzi Bunz are what I am going to spend my money on from now on.

  8. Like many of you, we have tried multiple styles and brands of diapers.

    During the day, we use our diaper service prefolds in a number of covers. I recently bought the Wonder Wraps one-size and love them. Next favorite is Bummies Whisper Wraps, the Bumkins, then Proraps.

    For night, we do a pocket with 2 inserts. Some of our inserts came with diapers, some are just microfiber towels sewn into the right shap and lined with leftover flannel.

    We’ve used Fuzzi bunz as our pockets for about 6 months. We’ve had a few leaks, but it seems to be because my son was a heavy wetter that night, not because of the diaper. We’ll go several weeks without a leak then 2-3 nights in a row he’ll leak. It is probably sleep/nursing related, not diaper related.

    We just got some bumGenius one size pockets. I’m a little nervous that at 9 months we are already on the last snap, but I hear that’s common. I like that they are velcro, the snaps on the Fuzzi bunz are a little tedious for some users.

    I have also been trying the bumGenius organic one size all in ones. They are what I use when I send my son to the occassional sitter. They are great that they are just like a disposable, however I forgot to tell a caregiver not to fold it up like a disposable when dirty, so I’m still washing out some pretty nasty stains. They aren’t quite as absorbent as prefolds so I do have to make sure they are changed more often, which has never been a bad thing in my opinion.

    And last but not least, we also use gDiapers. As a disposable/cloth hybrid they have some great advantages and disadvantages. I’m happy to answer any questions about them, since it’s off topic here.

  9. My favorites are BG 3.0 OS!! Only like 3 leaks so far ( 13 months and counting)
    I also like Fuzzi Bunz, hardly any leaks there.
    Muttaqin Baby has some awesome fitteds, and I’ve also never had a leak with plain old prefolds and covers.

    The worst ones we have tried have been, Happy Heiney, and swaddlebees. They both leaked every time! And swaddlebees fit my big booty baby way too narrow in the bum.

  10. I use mostly DSQ unbleached Chinese prefolds and covers-Bummies, Bumkins, and a few wool. I love the prefolds, I’ve not had a leak in them yet with any cover.
    I also have a stash of FuzziBunz pockets that my hubby likes because they’re easier for him. They don’t hold as much and I tend to have wicking problems with them and NO WAY would they make it over night with my daughter. Even double stuffed with a micro-terry insert and a hemp insert.
    I have to say thought that I’d much rather clean poo off a FuzziBun than a prefold. I’m not a fan of toilet swishing!
    Maybe I’ll pick up a bumGenious or two. They sell them at my local Target and I figure if I can help increase the demand, maybe they’ll catch on. One can only hope!
    *funny thing is, they’re marketed at ‘reusable diapers’ not ‘cloth diapers’ at Target… hmmmm..

  11. We use Motherease onesize and love them! My six month old has never had a leak using this diaper and their airflow cover. I bought a few Bummis whisper wraps a couple of months ago because the designs were so cute and we needed a few more covers in our rotation. However, unless she is in that cover for a short time, she leaks right through! Not just around the legs, either- right through the cover. So unless I will be changing her after only an hour or so, I keep reaching for the Motherease airflow cover to keep her clothes dry.

  12. I do have the bum genius and other AIO diapers but by far my favourite is the ol’ fashioned prefolds and covers. They are easier to wash and don’t get stinky like the AIO. Although AIO are great for under cute clothes and possibly going out I don’t find they protect any better.

  13. we love our mother-ease rikki covers! they never-ever leak. the mother-ease diapers are great, too, (especially overnight). we use prefolds as well (from, and they do the trick, too (mostly!) baby poo will sometimes sneak out the leg or up the back of a prefold, but we’ve never had it leak past the cover onto her clothes.

    my daughter is 12 months, (she’s a little small), and we’ve used the same mother-ease diapers and covers on her since we started at three months!

    she can still fit her baby-size prefolds, too, but if she’ll be napping or out longer, i fold her into the next-size-up prefolds for more absorbancy. i do still like prefolds since they’re 100% cotton (and so stink-free and good to her skin) as well as inexpensive.

  14. oh yeah, and her baby-size prefolds fold up nicely as liners for the mother-ease diapers for overnights or going out–so we are still using almost our entire CD arsenal nine months later:)

  15. from the start we have liked thirsties diaper covers. their double gusset around the leg is key, they are soft, breathable and flexible, yet don’t leak, and they are the most cost effective at just over $10 each. we also like imse vimse because of their soft cotton fabric, but they do cost a bit more and when worn too long can leak through. both of these are very easy to clean, appear to be fairly long lasting, and the best part is that we have had only 4 poopsplosions in 8 month.

    i might also add that i found the unbleached cloth diapers from mother nature’s to be more absorbent that the standard bleached variety, not to mention they don’t stain nearly as bad.

    on the down side, i found all premie covers to be completely unreliable. for the first 2 weeks our E leaked constantly, but once he plumed up a bit and fit the regular newborn size thirsties it has smooth sailing. also avoid bummies that don’t have the double gusset – i think they are usually all white. i accidentally purchased one and then found myself afraid to use it for fear of leakage. i have found that the only reliable covers have the double gusset around the leg.

  16. I LOVE myObaby cloth diapers! They are 100% organic cotton but still very soft and gentle. This is the only brand that I have tried that has not left my little one with diaper rash. The best part is, they last wash after wash. Great brand!

  17. I have just tried cloth diapers on my 7 week old for the first time. Twice I used a prefold with a bummis brite double gusset cover and she leaked through onto her onsie one of the two times that I tried her in it. And I tried a fuzzi bunz fitted diaper once and she leaked. Even though she’s over the minimum weight requirement, maybe she’s still too small for them…

  18. Sonya,
    Hang in there! My second child had the same issue with leakage in those early weeks. We just kept experimenting and hit on the right combination for her body. Remember that newborn’s change shape so rapidly that leakage might improve from one week to the next. The best thing that worked with our daughter was prefold diapers with a velcro cover. We scored the covers at a resale shop so they were inexpensive and have worked wonderfully. The prefolds sometimes intimidate people because they seem like more work but they’re really quite easy. Please let us know if you need more help and we’d be happy to share our tips!

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