Baked Dough Christmas Ornaments

Brace yourself for an eco-confession: For the past several years, my husband and I have made homemade ornaments for each other out of Fimo dough, a weird plastic-ish concoction that can’t be eco-friendly.

This year it dawned on me to use a few simple recipes for dough that can be baked into homemade Christmas ornaments. They make beautiful, sentimental gifts and cost just pennies apiece! Plus their easier for my two-year-old to work with, completely non-toxic and better for the planet.

My favorite spot for salt dough ornaments was DIY, where I found this wonderful picture and step-by-step instructions for salt dough ornaments. I’m not sure I have the craft skills to produce such lovely finished products but the simple directions give me hope.

The other recipe I’m most anxious to try is the cinnamon-applesauce dough. It’s very simple and easily hardens into cut-outs that smell just as good as they look. By buying cinnamon in bulk, it seems very possible to keep the price low on this crafty idea.

This year we shall enjoy our ornaments even more knowing that we made them from scratch—and that they are budget-friendly and earth-friendly!

Also, congratulations to our Baby Blend Tees winner, Margaret Briggs!  She’ll get to pick out the style and size of her choice for her little one.  Thanks to all our participants as well.

Thrifty Green Thursday will be taking a holiday break after today, but we’ll return in two weeks on January 7th at 8pm so save up your ideas to join us then.  If you’d like to post your simple ideas for saving green and going green today, just click here for instructions and jump right in.  We’d love to have you!


  1. Good to have the heads up on TGT! 🙂 I’m definitely going to try to make these ornaments while both my boys are on Christmas break.

  2. love these ideas! i look forward to when my little one is old enough to make stuff like this with me.

    i posted about a sweet cinnamon/applesauce ornament i received today. they can be simple and primitive or really elegant. i want to try them out now too:)

  3. I love the salt dough ornaments! I need to do this with my kids. My mom still hangs on the tree one that I made when I was 3. I actually remember making it and making sure it had a belly-button, which is huge.

  4. how long do they last? I remeber making some one year, and when I got them out of the box to use them again the next year they had gotten moldy. Did I do something wrong?

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