The Saturday Question: Did You Cloth Diaper With Twins or Triplets?

If you did, we want to hear from you!  We are often amazed by the ingenuity and commitment of our readers and use your stories to share with other new parents.  Many families are overwhelmed by the idea of cloth diapering one child, let alone two or three.  If you’ve managed to use cloth with multiples, even part of the time, we’d love to hear your stories.     We’d love to know how many diapers you bought, how much laundry you did, and how cloth may have been unexpectedly convenient.  Please comment on this page or email us if you have some experience that might help other parents.


  1. I find cloth diapering to be easier than using disposables. My twins are 10 months old, we started using cloth when they were about four months. We have 30+(maybe 40!) prefolds, 4 pockets, 5-8 fitteds and about 12 covers. I do diaper laundry once in a 24 hour period, mainly because my pail fills up by that time, not because we run out of diapers. Speaking of running out of diapers, that is one of my favorite things about cloth – you never run out of diapers! The reality is, with twins or more, making a quick run to the market is not necessarily a quick run. Having everything I need at my finger tips is a breath of relief for me. Yes, it was a bit of a challenge at first – picking out which diapers to buy, figuring out my wash routine, organizing them at the changing station. But that is small potatoes compared to the good I am doing not only for the earth, but also for their health. People are often shocked when they found out we are using cloth, and I always reply that diapering – any way you do it – is a chore and it is no more difficult to run a load of laundry than it is to empty the diaper genie and walk out to the trash bin. And oh the money we’ve saved! We were easily spending $100 a month on diapers, and we were using a cheaper brand. I have never regretted our decision. I felt good about the switch to cloth with the first diaper I put on. My only tip to parents of multiples who are considering cloth – have at least a few aios or ai2s that you can put on in less than 10 seconds (for when you are changing a diaper on a squirmy baby and their sibling is crawling towards you, perhaps crying, and then crawling up your back.:))

  2. Hi there! I have an Aunt and Uncle I have always admired for their ingenuity and ability to stretch the dollar to the limit. They have five kids and have done cloth diapers with all of them. Admittedly a challenge with cloth diapers is the smell of the ones awaiting cleaning. They came up with a pretty good process for easily pre-rinsing the diapers out. Chris installed a spray hose next to the toilet in their bathroom and then took a five gallon plastic bucket, cut the bottom off of it and fit it so it would sit right on top of the toilet seat. Then they would hang the dirty diaper inside the bucket with some clothes pins, and spray off the worst of the baby poo!

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