Looking back, I’m amazed at the many small changes I managed to take on over the last year.   I’ve included links–some to the Green Baby Guide articles discussing the topic, some to other sites that inspired me.

1. Stopped using disposable wrapping paper and switched to reusable gift wrap.

2. Switched to eco-friendly toilet paper.

3. Switched to eco-friendly laundry detergent, which I discovered was actually cheaper than conventional detergent!

4. Stopped using shampoo and started using baking soda, saving money and many plastic bottles.

5. Began recycling plastic lids.

6. Started turning off water to cook pasta.

7. Signed on to support renewable energy.

8. Started washing diapers in cold water.

9. Potty trained my daughter and tried cloth training pants.

10. Continued cloth diapering during potty training and hung my diapers to dry instead of tossing them in the dryer.

11. Cut down on the amount of dishwashing liquid I use by refining my technique.

I figure if I can keep plugging along, making small changes as I go, I will single-handedly stop global warming!  Okay, maybe not . . . but as they say, every little bit helps.  What lifestyle modifications did you make in ‘O8?  Which changes were failed experiments in green living  . . . and which ones are worth making?