Lose that Post-Pregnancy Weight–for Free!

 “Get in shape” tops many of our New Year’s Resolutions lists, especially for those of us who just gave birth . . . three years ago.  So which weight loss program will work best for you?  Will you pay to join Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, buy cans of Slim Fast, hire a personal trainer, or renew your gym membership?  While many have had success with those methods, it should be possible to shape up without spending any extra money. 

Here are some no-cost and low-cost alternatives to personal trainers and gyms:

  1. Walk.   I consider myself extremely un-athletic, so walking is my exercise of choice.  (Here’s my car-free with baby post.)  With a baby in tow, all you need is a carrier of some kind or a stroller.  I prefer to walk to specific destinations rather than ramble aimlessly, and I do almost all my errands by foot, whether I head to the grocery store, library, doctor’s office, or emergency room.  (Yes, I walked myself to the emergency room one time.  That’s how seriously I take my perambulations.)
  2. Run.  Running does involve a bit of gear, especially if you plan to do it with a baby along for the ride.  Most doctors recommend holding off on running for six weeks after giving birth.  After that, you’ll need proper shoes and a running stroller.
  3. Bike.  I was disappointed to find out that biking with a baby under one year old is not advised.  After that, babies can ride along in a bike trailer or seat.  (I suppose this is not exactly a free or low cost exercise option, considering the expense of the bike and baby seat.  However, you can use the bike as an alternative to gas-guzzling transportation, so I’ll leave it on the list as a green form of exercise!)
  4. Hike.  I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to carrying heavy backpacks (heavy, in my opinion, is anything over about eight pounds), so I prefer to do this when someone else volunteers to carry the baby.  Actually, I prefer not to do it much at all. . . .
  5. Jumping jacks/jump rope/push-ups/other simple exercises.  Okay, these really are free.
  6. Check out fitness DVDs from the library and follow along at home.  Free!

Is anyone else resolving to get fit in 2009?  I want to know how you’re pulling it off-especially if it does not involve an elliptical machine.  

Avoiding gyms seems to work for me.  Head on over to Rocks in My Dryer for more Works for Me Wednesday ideas.


  1. Yes! Im walking my weight off, as well there are some great dvds that are cheap, so purchased 2 so far, and will take it from there.

  2. i’m counting calories and taking lunchtime aerobics classes at the community center (free for me b/c of my job). i also dusted off that latin dance aerobics video from several years ago.

    i’m heading to the used bookstore (that also carries dvds and tapes) and will look through their excercise selection.

  3. I always did get a kick out of people who pay to lose weight. Granted, I haven’t mastered it yet, but there’s so many free ways to just move and then by eating less you save even more. 🙂

  4. “who just gave birth . . . three years ago”
    That is ME! I did just join a gym but I got the membership 1/2 off for the year. I’m also using sparkpeople.com to track my diet and exercise. One of my favorite free ways to exercise is at the Mall. Our Mall has a playground so my dd is eagar to go. I walk 4 laps first (the lap is 1/2 mile) then she gets to play while I sip on coffee.

  5. Great minds think alike…my works for me post this week was about free exercise options, but mine was a bit different.


  6. I love the library option for variety! I go all the time and wouldn’t have thought of it thanks. I will also be using a DVD set we’ve had but not used to it’s potential. Hubby and I are planning to wake up early together – healthy bonding time. DD and I will also get outside for walks every day.

  7. My husband INSISTS on having cable, which I initially was not happy with since it’s expensive and I don’t like TV much anyway. However, I have since discovered FitTV, which is basically an exercise channel. All day long they have yoga, bellydancing, kickboxing, step aerobics and my personal favorite “Gilad”..a swarthy, middle aged man with a foreign accent whose participants all dress like they are from the 80’s and workout in exotic locales such as Hawaii and Israel (the Israel one was great because they actually had a live camel sitting there and dudes in turbans playing music during the workout). Since my hubby also insists on having a DVR I have the luxury of recording whatever workouts I want and using them at my convenience. While not exactly free, it beats paying for a gym and helps me get exercise when it’s too cold and snowy to take the baby for a walk.

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