Welcome Back to the Thrifty Green Thursday Blog Carnival!

For most of us, going green isn’t about quantum leaps, it’s about tiny fledging steps that are made in the midst of our hectic lives as parents.  If you have a budget-friendly, earth-friendly tip (even one that seems a bit obvious to you) you’d be a perfect addition to Thrifty Green Thursday.  

What are the benefits of adding my post to the Thrifty Green Thursday carnival?

It’ll help you generate traffic for your site, put you in touch with like-minded bloggers, and give you a chance to pick up some easy tips for going green on a budget.

How do I join the carnival and link my post?

It’s incredibly easy. (And believe me, this is not coming from a cyber-genius!)  Just follow this link for simple instructions.  Also make sure that you include a link back to the Green Baby Guide in your post.  Email us if it doesn’t work or you have any questions and we’ll work with you.

When should I schedule my Thrifty Green Thursday posts?

The carnival is weekly and starts on Wednesday night at 7pm and runs through Thursday.  You can still add your posts after that, but it may not get as much traffic as if you post earlier.

What if my link gets deleted?

We’ll email you to make sure that you can correct the problem, but you want to be sure you include a permalink directly to your TGT post—not just to your webpage.  Then when people want to follow your link days or weeks later, they can still get back to your TGT post.  

Anything else?

It’s great to read one another’s posts and offer comments.  The Thrifty Green Thursday crew has grown into a community of bloggers because of those efforts.

We’re glad you can join us this week, and hope that you’ll make it a point to visit in the weeks to come.  Please check out the linked posts below to get a head start on saving green while going green!


  1. I have been enjoying your Thrifty Green Thursdays. Thanks for hosting it.

  2. This is my first entry and I hope I’ll get the opportunity to join you weekly. Great carnival. 🙂

  3. At first glance my post might not seem thrifty green. BUT we have to take action now if we want to have options after February for how we choose to diaper our children, etc. Please do take action!

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