The Thrill of Cloth

Here’s something disposable diaper-using parents may not understand: I truly enjoyed cloth diapering my daughter.  I didn’t just put up with it because I wanted to save money.  Nor was I slaving over those diapers as a sacrifice for Mother Earth.  Before my daughter was born, I pored over websites on the Internet, reading all about prefolds and diaper covers and laundering techniques.  Once I got my diapers, I admired their softness and cuteness; I couldn’t wait to try them out.  I even took pleasure in laundry days–ah, the anticipation of waiting for a nice, fresh batch of diapers to emerge from the dryer!

Yes, I took a picture of myself holding a cloth diaper

Scouring consignment shops for my preferred brand of diaper covers became my new focus in life.  Discovering a new cloth diapering tip (Sunlight removes stains!  You can wash diapers in cold water!) would send me into a frenzy of delight.  I know what some of you are thinking: this lady has no life.   I am exaggerating only slightly when I say that cloth diapering gives me a sense of accomplishment one must feel upon ascending Mt. Everest, winning an Olympic gold medal, or discovering a cure for diaper rash.

Starting the Green Baby Guide added a whole new layer to the thrill of cloth diapering: now I could impart my cloth diapering insights to others.  Some might have no interest in the practice whatsoever.  This is hard for me to understand, but I hear it’s true.  After all, only ten percent of the population uses cloth.  Others eschew disposables out of economic necessity or perhaps out of obligation to the planet.  And then there are those like me . . . those who can write three whole paragraphs on What Cloth Diapering Means to Me.  Those who don’t just tolerate cloth diapers, but actively like them.  A lot.


  1. I had to double check to see who wrote the post. Rebecca could have easily been changed out for Mrs. Not the Jet Set. I LOVE cloth diapers! I am obsessed with them and have been since before my youngest daughter was born. When I get a package of new cloth diapers in the mail I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. When I turn around and sell the out grown diapers I sometimes net $2 to $10 worth of diaper expense for a whole size. That makes me feel like I just won the lottery!

    Parent’s shouldn’t knock it until they try it. The few real life friends I’ve convinced to try it for a 2 week trial have never gone back. Oh I could go on forever on this topic.

    Rebecca- Thanks for sharing your feelings!

  2. i so wish I had used cloth diapers!! i guess that’s why now i’m using cloth mentrual pads–they work a lot better than you expect, and it will save money in the long run.

  3. i heart cloth, too, although i wasn’t a true convert until we started…i was still suspicious during the research stage.

    i went back and read your link on washing in cold, and i’m surprised. really?? do you do just one cycle or two?

    i currently soak overnight in cold, close the lid and run the cycle in the morning, and then run a hot load. that’s worked great–diapers are still bright white after ten months without bleach, but i’d love to cut back on on energy usage.

  4. I love cloth diapers too! I think I scare people with how excited I get when I talk about cloth diapers. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not gross or too much work at all. I also just started washing my diapers in cold water this week (thanks to you) and I’m pleased to say my diapers are coming out nice and fresh. I’m looking forward to a lower energy bill in the months ahead!

  5. You are not alone!! 🙂

  6. Me too! My daughter is very prone to yeast rashes though… she’s just about ready to potty train though, so that’s good. I’m wondering if my 2nd daughter (due in 2 weeks) will have the same propensity. Any yeast rash tips I might not have tried?

  7. Dido, I’ve even got my husband making comments. We used some disposables with on a trip for a few days (they were given to us as leftovers so we need to use them anyway). The first couple of days the diapers were noticeably smelly. My husband said, ” I don’t like putting that smelly chemical stuff next to my daughter’s skin”. That is why I really enjoy them!!!

  8. Beck, there is a lot of advice about yeast infections on babies in the comments section of this post.

  9. I love, love, love cloth diapering. I think I freak some people out with my enthusiasm and definitely work that fact that I use cloth into as many conversations as possible. I use cloth for all the common reasons….environment, expense, etc. I mean really, would you want to wear paper underwear? Ick. Cloth rules!

  10. I just started on my second child when he was 9 months. I wish I had known more about it for my first. I love my diapers so I can totally relate to this.

  11. I am in the research phase and just can’t decide which cloth diaper makes the most sense environmentally, economically, durability – most importantly comfort. I hear that everyone loves cloth diapers. That is very exciting! Which ones? What brand works best? Type? Etc.
    I am most interested in all in one cotton. I worry about the need to upgrade to the next size. Also, velcro vs. buttons…I’ve heard velcro wears out after several washes. True? How many to buy initially? I was thinking 24? Am I way off?
    Any “specific” advice would be appreciated.

  12. Teri–you may want to check out our post (and the comments) with Recommendations for Complete Novices.

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