Be a Part of The Green Baby Guide Book: A Call for Interviews!

As we’ve been churning out blog entries, parenting our toddlers, teaching, and keeping up with our monthly column in Metro Parent, we’re also finishing up work on our book, The Green Baby Guide: Down-to-Earth Ways to Save Time, Money and The Planet.  We’re sorry to say that you’ll have to wait awhile to see a copy since it won’t be published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang until the spring of 2010, but our deadline is looming in just a few short months and we’d love to get more input.  

We’re specifically looking for people who are willing to be interviewed (by email) on the following topics:

  • Choosing eco-friendly living with a very small budget
  • Living a green lifestyle with twins or triplets
  • Making small spaces work with family living
  • Balancing the rigor of single parenting with eco-friendly choices
  • Going green when your spouse isn’t quite on board
  • Breastfeeding despite the challenges

If you have a fascinating story that you think may fit into our book, please comment on this post or email us.  We’d love to hear more!  

Also, thanks for your patience and encouragement as we’ve worked toward our vision of getting the simple green message out to parents.  We’re very grateful for our online audience!


  1. congratulations on your book contract!!!

  2. I’d love to be interviewed. I’m a breastfeeder of a toddler and we live as green as possible on a very small budget. Love the blog by the way. The ideas are great and I like reading others points of view on green topics. Thanks!

  3. These apply.

    * Choosing eco-friendly living with a very small budget
    – our grocery budget alone is $75/mo.

    * Going green when your spouse isn’t quite on board
    – he thought it would be a pain in the butt.

    * Breastfeeding despite the challenges

  4. Working full-time and breastfeeding (+ pumping a LOT) for the 2nd time, although with a little less nerosis this time around. 😉

  5. This book is so exciting.
    I’d love to be interviewed.
    My husband and I have made a definite effort to be as green as possible on a small budget. We are very concerned with the health and safety issues surrounding conventional parenting. Everything from toys, to diapers, to just about every other baby “necessity” marketed in the stores is suspect, which is really sad. Our decision to cloth diaper, only purchase used clothing, ban plastic and electronic toys, and practice babywearing has made us the oddball couple among our friends.
    Since none of our friends follow this “green” parenting method, it was definitely difficult to glean all the information we needed. Cloth diapers alone were such an anomaly, but we firgured it out, and I am so glad that we did. Finding this blog has really helped reassure my parenting choices.

    It feels so good to know that my little guy will grow up learning about the impact people can have on the world around them.

  6. I would like to be considered for your Green Guide –
    I have become a Master at –
    Living Green on a very tight budget
    Please contact me for more info.
    Thank You –
    Harmonious Home & Harvest

  7. You can interview me..I have some experience with breastfeeding despite obstacles (baby was in the NICU for a month) as well as living as greenly as possible despite a not-so-green spouse.

  8. Would like to be considered for the Green Guide –
    Living Green on a very very small budget . . .
    Please send a reply.
    Thank You –
    Harmonious Home & Harvest

  9. Congrats on the book! I’d love to help however I can.

    We’ve breastfeed for 19 months, but had a rocky start to breastfeeding – we had to overcome jaundice, dehydration, low milk supply and family who just didn’t get it in the beginning.

    We’ve also worked with a tight budget – although most of my thrifty ideas come from your blog:)

  10. I’m learning to be more “green” on a very small budget. Finding new ways all the time to use household items instead of commercial products for everything we do on a daily basis.
    Also, my husband thinks I’m a bit crazy…
    I did breastfeed my two daughters, but it wasn’t all that challenging for me.

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