Repairing Diaper Covers

Want to repair your tired diaper covers for just a few bucks and an hour of your time?  I learned how recently from my good friend Valerie Perrot.  As she began to cloth diaper her second child, she noticed the covers she had used with her first weren’t fastening correctly.  Upon closer inspection, Valerie found that the soft part of the Velcro closures wasn’t as deep as it should be.   Considering that she had purchased the covers used, she wasn’t surprised that they were worn–but she wasn’t about to go out and buy a whole new set for her second child.

After getting advice from a seamstress, Valerie decided to take matters into her own skilled hands.  She found an outdoor gear website called that offered soft Velcro and heavy duty sewing needles for just under ten dollars. The Green Pepper has loads of patterns for making your own backpacks, fleece jackets and other notions, as well as fabric and materials. Honestly, the website is a bit difficult to negotiate, but they are very helpful if you call or email. 

Valerie stitched the soft looped part of the Velcro on right across the old, and within an hour had completely repaired all of her diaper covers.  She didn’t need to replace the hook side of the Velcro at all!  Not only will the covers work better on baby number two, but the high quality Velcro she used will allow them to be passed onto other babies for years to come. 

You might be able to score diaper covers in consignment shops or garage sales that are marked down because of faulty Velcro.  With just a little bit of work, they can be repaired and provide an easy and inexpensive solution for diapering baby. 

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  1. that’s great–it feels good to repair stuff instead of throwing it away!

  2. this is a great tip!

  3. This is a great idea, rather than throwing them away. I hope to use our diapers with our next child, so I’ll keep this in mind.

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