One complaint we hear about cloth diapers is that they’re too bulky.  Babies sporting disposables boast a trim and lean figure, while cloth-wearing tots have what we may affectionately refer to as a “basketball butt.”  How can you avoid this dreaded condition?   Here are some ideas:

Embrace it.  If you have a skinny baby (as I did), you’re in luck, because you’ll find clothes will fit much better with the cloth diapers than without.  In fact, once my daughter potty trained, she couldn’t fit in most of her pants anymore!   Also, don’t babies look adorable sporting hu-u-ge diapers like this one?   You can’t get that look with a boring old fitted disposable diaper!

Switch to pocket diapers.  Prefolds with covers will be bulkier than pocket diapers, which usually have just a thin terry insert.

Buy bigger clothes.  One of my friends confessed that she almost gave up on cloth diapering because none of her daughter’s pants could fit over the Bulge of the Cloth.  Then she had a flash of insight: She could buy bigger clothes.  Problem solved!

How have you overcome the challenges of bulky cloth diapers . . . or learned to accept them?