Making Potato Print Valentines

Last year we showed you how to recycle your magazines or your children’s finger paintings by cutting them into creative Valentines, but we decided to keep life even simpler in 2009.  For those of you that need to mass produce cards for school or family, potato print Valentines are the perfect earth friendly, budget friendly solution.  

Simply cut a potato in half, draw a simple shape on the open end, and then carve around your pencil lines.  Once the carving is done, you can welcome your child to join in the fun.  Dip the potato stamp into some thick tempera paint and plop it down upon a piece of paper.  You can experiment with several shapes, colors and textures all for just pennies!  

The result is an elegant homemade design that will delight your child just as much as the recipients of your Valentine greetings.  This is a messy undertaking, but well worth it just for the fun of the whole experience.  

Do you have any plans for Valentine crafts this holiday or ideas for saving money and the planet?  Please add your links below and we’d love to read your blogs!  Click here to find out how to get started.


  1. that sounds great! I’m going to do that this year instead of buying some. Hopefully my kids will go along with it!

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