The Saturday Question: Do you have ideas for thrifty green dates?

Here at Green Baby Guide, we’re all about saving the planet, raising healthy children, and embracing frugality–but sometimes in the midst of all those goals, it’s easy to forget about reconnecting with your spouse or romantic partner.  How do you manage to fit time for a relationship in with all the other demands in your life?  Do you have any creative ideas for how to get free babysitting and enjoy a night out without breaking the bank?  What are your plans for this Valentines Day?  Thanks for sharing your insights!


  1. Our best idea for free babysitting is to swap with another couple who has kids. We watch their kids while they go out, and the next weekend we get to go out!

  2. I agree with Jeannine, swap with another couple who has kids. I’m not big on kids though besides my own, so I don’t swap with anyone, but I have so many family and friends who offered to babysit my daughter for free, I will never have to pay! 🙂
    As for dates, I’d say…. go to the zoo! Get lunch before or dinner after, and go somewhere healthy or fancy or just whatever you can afford, but the zoo is a little less than $10/person and it is so much fun! You can spend the whole day there and bond like crazy! We just went to the zoo the other day with our daughter, and I think my husband and I had more fun than the Princess did! 🙂

  3. Dido the babysitting swap.

    Our cheap date doesn’t work this time of year, but what we do is pack a healthy picnic and head to the local beach for the evening. It’s always romantic to watch the sunset over lake Michigan. We also through in a deck of cards into the picnic basket. If you don’t have a local beach you can do the same thing at a local park. We have never lived in a location that did not have a nice relaxing outdoors location.

    For V-day if you can get the kids to be watched at someone else’s house you can have a really nice romantic night in.

  4. I second Mrs. N’s idea! Swap with another couple like the others suggested, but drop the kids at their house (maybe even for a sleepover) and switch roles the following week. Enjoy a homecooked meal by candlelight and whip up a yummy dessert. Pop in your favorite DVD and snuggle on the couch, take turns giving massages, or even break out a board game. Really free and really fun!

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