Making Phone Calls to Streamline Errands

Before I had a child, I actually used to complain about the hassle of running errands.  I had no idea what hassle was!  Even a few stops at different stores tends to wear both of us out.  Lately though, I’ve figured out a way to save time, money and the planet: I use the phone!

Instead of driving all over town shopping for certain items, I call stores and talk to salespeople before I ever leave the house.  I check to see if an item is in stock, if it’s on sale, and if they can hold one for me at the register.  Then I breeze in and pick up whatever it was I  was hunting for.  

This may seem like an obvious tip, but I’m amazed it never occurred to me before now.  What a great way to simplify life and spend less time shlepping my toddler all around town.  

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  1. Using the phone is very nice. I do that some but then I start feeling embarressed about using their time, however if they want my business I guess that shouldn’t be a problem. I mainly try to do errands and shopping as little as possible because usually whenever I go I have 4 kids with me and though they are well behaved it still takes a lot of time and wears me out!

  2. I agree, and I don’t know why I forget about this sometimes. There have been occasions where I’ve driven somewhere to buy something and they don’t have it, and it would have been more cost effective and eco-friendly to just call first.

  3. that’s a great idea–it’s such a hassle to tke my kids to the store–calling ahead would make a difference

  4. Forgive me for the obvious–but I just use the internet for many purchases (including ordering the bulk of my groceries online for doorstep delivery). So many places have free shipping promotions, or if it’s an out of state business the shipping is canceled out by not paying 9% WA state sales tax.

    Of course that doesn’t work for everything–sometimes you really do need to see something in person before you buy it–but that way, most of my errand-running is really just an excuse to take my son for a stroller ride through the neighborhood in the hopes he will take a nap!

  5. Great idea! It’s so hard to squeeze errands in between naps and feedings at my baby’s age. This would be a big help. I usually end up just going at night to the grocery store when my man gets home.

  6. That is a good tip for us to remember! I am so bad about calling people on the phone, but if it saves me and the kids a trip then it is well worth it. I agree that shopping online is great too!

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