The Saturday Question: What was your favorite healthy snack during pregnancy?

It’s official.  I’m hungry every fifteen minutes.  It’s tough to always grab healthy foods on the go, especially with pregnancy cravings haunting me when I’m at my hungriest.  Do you have any ideas for snacks that I may not have thought of yet?  I eat lots of nuts and some cheese, but I’m still famished much of the time.  Thanks for sharing your insights!


  1. I am right there with you. I am hungry all day and all night! This time around sugar makes me very nauseous so I can’t fall back on some of the bad habits I had with my first pregnancy. Blessing in disguise for sure.

    I eat almonds, dried apricots (lots of zinc! but buy unsulphured), cheese, whole grain crackers, whole grain bread with tahini dressing (tahini, olive oil, water, lemon juice and salt), greek yogurt (plain) with ginger powder mixed in, applesauce, kashi cereal and milk, and sometimes just leftovers from dinner the night before.

  2. While pregnant I lived for several periods on peanut butter on multigrain toast with a glass of milk. It was easy to get down and gave me some energy.

  3. I have eaten a TON of cereal during this pregnancy. I eat it for breakfast and usually a bowl (sometimes TWO) before bed. Sometimes when I get cravings for something sweet, I go for a sweeter cereal and that does the trick. I also like adding fruit like berries and bananas to add some sweetness too.

    My other favorite snack is just any juicy fruit in general…especially oranges, grapefruit, grapes, and strawberries.

  4. I ate a lot of nuts and peanut butter, too. Of course, now “they” say you’re not supposed to eat nuts while pregnant or breastfeeding; I think I would starve if I followed that advice. One thing that I remember drinking a lot of was homemade hot chocolate, made with real milk. It’s actually very filling–and easy to make.

  5. Whole wheat pita bread or raw veggies dipped in hummus. Yogurt. Lots of cheese! And I drank lots of warmed whole milk flavored with coffee syrups (hazelnut, almond, vanilla, etc.) I found that a steaming mug of flavored milk would fill me up for quite a while.

  6. I guess I missed the announcement- Congratulations!

  7. I didn’t like anything sweet while I was pregnant, and I instead craved raw veggies. Broccoli florets and sugar snap peas were definitely a favorite.
    My biggest craving: limes. I would eat them like oranges. What’s really funny is that Liam, 11 months, loves them now, and will happily munch away on them.
    In the warmer months, I also made a lot of fruit smoothies with a scoop of ground flaxseed mixed in.

  8. Congratulations! I am pregnant with my third baby right now and my craving is grapefruit. I know it is strange, but last pregnancy it was artichokes. I am thankful it is not pure sugar or junk. I try to just eat normal, like I did before I knew I was pregnant. I am in my second trimester and have yet to have that non-stop hunger. I do know that is I don’t eat enough during the day when I get home on the days that I work outside the home I am starving. This pregnancy and my last I have really made an effort to eat healthy since my first pregnancy I was so sick for so long that a lot of the healthier foods were eliminated early on due to sickness. My problem now is heartburn. 🙁 I would rather be sick to tell you the truth, but that is how it goes. The best of luck on this pregnancy.

  9. My favorite was a glass of milk followed closely by full-fat yogurt (with cream on top it’s so yummy!) I could tolerate those even when I had morning sickness.

    Another idea: sandwiches on sprouted grain bread. My favorite was ham and mozzarella with lettuce and tomato on bread that had been drizzled with balsamic vinegar then put under the broiler for a min. I had this for my before-bed snack several times a week. So easy but felt so fancy 🙂

    Nuts, nut butters. Hard-boiled eggs or quick omelets. Cheese slices, slices of leftover meats (chicken, roasts, etc.) Avocados, though not high in protein, are very tasty!

  10. Yogurt with sliced banana. I’m happily indulging in WHOLE MILK YOGURT (did you know there was such a thing?) right now without guilt. I’ll go back to low/non-fat yogurt after the baby. It’s delicious!

  11. Jennifer, I never eat anything but whole milk yogurt–and I’m not pregnant! Nonfat yogurt usually contains a lot of thickeners to make it congeal (such as gelatin, carageenan, etc.), whereas whole milk yogurt just contains milk and yogurt cultures. (So most nonfat yogurt is not vegetarian.) I also prefer the taste and texture. Nonfat yogurt is sort of slimy whereas whole milk yogurt is creamy. Speaking of cream . . . it is very hard to find cream yogurt here, but that is probably just as well!

  12. Michelle says

    I relied on peanut butter milkshakes. They were quick to make or pick up while out. I also kept boxes of granola bars in the car for when I needed something immediately. Oh, one more thing, in “What to Eat When You’re Expecting,” there is a fabulous recipe for blueberry muffins with whole wheat & flax.

  13. Kefir was an easy way to pack in extra protein for me. I also enjoyed frozen berries with cream or half and half, bran muffins with peanut butter, and bean dips.

  14. I enjoyed side-by-side sliced mango dripped with lime juice and avocado dripped with sweet rice vinegar. Yum!

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