Should Strollers Made before 2007 Go Straight to the Landfill?

In the March issue of ShopSmart, put out by the publisher of Consumer Reports, experts analyzed used baby gear to determine “when you can gratefully say yes and when you should gracefully say no thanks.”  I am devoting several posts to discussing their findings.  (I’ve already written about baby bath tubs, car seats, cribs, and high chairs.)

I was surprised to read ShopSmart’s views on used strollers:

Safe: Strollers made after 2007 when new safety standard were published are safe.

Unsafe: Any stroller made prior to that date, or has missing, loose, or broken pieces is not.

My daughter is still riding around in her 2005 Maclaren Triumph–which was new at the time of purchase, just a few years ago.  I was hoping to sell it once Audrey no longer needs it, and I’d heard Maclarens have a great resale value.  I may have to look into the more recent safety standards, but I hate the idea of every pre-2007 stroller cluttering up our nation’s landfills.

Would you feel all right about accepting a hand-me-down stroller, even if you knew it was made before 2007?  (Also, if you know anything about the safety issues with these “old” strollers, please chime in!)


  1. Oh, I think that’s absurd! We have a 2006 Maclaren (and a 2007 which we got after a fierce battle with customer service over issues that were not being resolved as we tried to get the 2006 stroller fixed a couple of years ago). It seems silly to me to declare that EVERY pre-2007 stroller is not safe. If I didn’t happen to have 2 strollers already I’d be happy to use a pre-2007 hand-me-down if it was in decent condition.

  2. I wonder what safety standards the pre-2007 models are missing? My 2006 Combi stroller has a 5 point harness and is in great condition. NO way am I going to throw in a landfill when I’m done with it — I’m putting it on craig’s list and I’m sure someone will want it!

  3. My Combi stroller, that I purchased new in 2007 was actually manufactured in 2006, does that mean I shouldn’t have used it? This guideline doesn’t even attempt to explain why, I say it’s bogus. Age is no reason to throw out a stroller if it’s clean and in good condition. I’m sure the McClaren will still have good resale value when you’re done with it.

  4. My friend gave me her pre-2007 McClaren that she no longer needs and I use it all the time and have no intentions of getting rid of it. I plan to keep it until my daughter grows out of it and then pass it on.

  5. I work at a baby store, and I know that Maclaren in particular has changed their buckles so that kids can no longer unbuckle themselves, but that is specific to their strollers, not to any other brand. Also, the only difference I know of that had changed in the last few years pertains to strollers with a bar across the front. The space from the bar/tray to the seat was increased to make sure that a child climbing or slipping out of the stroller does not get their head stuck.

  6. this is crazy! just another way “they”are trying to get our hard earned money!! don’t save by buying used or your child will get injured- way to go with playing on a parent’s guilt! spend big dollars on a new one! phooey!

  7. I am glad that most people (at least on this site) are not tossing their pre-2007 strollers in the garbage! I have said it before, but I wish that when safety standards change, they’d tell us exactly what to look for rather than make blanket statements about all strollers (or car seats, or cribs. . . ).

    Kelly, that’s interesting to hear that Maclaren has changed their buckles so kids can’t unbuckle themselves. I believe our Maclaren is the 2005 model. My daughter definitely cannot unbuckle herself, and she is three years old.

  8. Sometimes I wonder if these “revised” safety condiditons for baby gear is more about heading off possible lawsuits from that small percentage of nonfatal accidents that happen (say a pinched finger) and selling more product than real honest to goodness saftey. Not to mention the Mom Guilt that’s placed on new parents that if they don’t get this or that item that their child will come out all wrong and become a serial killer because you opted not to use a bouncy seat.

    It’s a wonder that we lived to adulthood because the stroller my mom used was made before 2007. Yikes! 🙂

  9. egads! how did all the children born before 2007 survive??? I totally object to the statement that “all strollers made before 2007 are unsafe.” Unsafe is a relative term as used here and obviously those strollers were not all little death traps. They may not have had ALL the safety features that post 2007 strollers had, but I would not say they were unsafe.

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