The Emergency Diapering/Snack Car Kit

You know how it happens: You’re strolling casually through the grocery aisles when suddenly a horrible stench fills the air and you realize that your diaper bag is still sitting on the living room floor.  What do you do?

Or you’ve just driven thirty minutes across town to run a set of coordinated errands only to have your little one erupt in sobs of hunger.  But she just ate!  You have no food, no spoons and now the choice to buy grub on the go or drive all the way back  home.  

We’ve had to buy baby food or toddler snacks, disposables, wipes and even a pair of pants once to deal with the short term emergencies created by our forgetfulness.  While these events were funny and even a bit adventurous, we finally realized that we needed a more proactive solution. 

Now we’ve equipped each of our cars with an emergency kit that will save us from buying diapers or foods that we’d rather not purchase on the go.  We simply filled a container with a freezer bag full of wet wipes, a few disposables (although if you have enough diapers you could certainly use cloth), some plastic bags for our son’s dirty cloth diapers, an extra outfit or two, and small containers full of crackers, dried fruit, and other edibles.  

Now we save money, limit our purchases of disposable products, and are able to feel confident as we head out into the world–even if we leave the diaper bag behind!

What are your tips for making life a bit greener and less expensive?  Thanks for adding your links below so that all of our readers can learn from your advice.  Everyone’s welcome, but if you don’t know where to start, click here for directions.  Thanks for joining us this week!


  1. This post is funny! It reminds me of that post I wrote long, long ago about how I never used a diaper bag. I never carried extra diapers, wipes, snacks, or pants . . . and nothing ever happened! I guess this is where we part ways, much like the old buy in bulk or don’t buy in bulk debate of ’08.

  2. HA If I carried nothing extra than we would have had some big messes on our hands with the lovely breastmilk blowouts! I have done this happen twice before I finally got smart and had a basket in the car for snacks and accidents and jammies for late nights.

  3. I have to redo my car kit. Thanks for the reminder. With a new baby on the way I have to start thinking diapers and wipes again…cloth of course 🙂

  4. Great Advise! I just helped a friend put one together for her new baby. She lives in her car since she has 6 older children she homeschools.

    I on the other hand have yet to take my own advise, but really should! LOL

  5. i still need a bag like that for my 4 year old–he gets messy and still has accidents, plus he always gets hungry when we’re running errands–UGH

  6. I always, always, always keep snacks in my purse!

  7. Rebecca, you are VERY fortunate that you don’t need a diaper bag. I must always bring an extra outfit and diapers wherever I go as my daughter is prone to blowouts. We recently had a poop disaster clean-up in the parking lot of a wine and liquor store (classy) and if I hadn’t had those items on hand it would have been a gross and long ride home.

  8. When I had my first son, they gave me two diaper bags at the hospital. I loaded each diaper bag with everything I would ever really need and put one in each car AND KEPT IT THERE. I also loaded one up and left it at the babysitters. (I realize that this is a green website and having two cars is not exactly eco friendly, but at that time it was essential for our work schedules).

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