Pregnancy Craving Confessions

I had forgotten the forceful hunger that overwhelmed me with my first pregnancy until it hit me this second time.  Hunger is no longer just a rumbling in my belly, but a desire to rip food out of other people’s hands and wolf it down like a starving animal.  And then there are the cravings…

With Roscoe, my cravings were quite eco-friendly and appropriate.  I needed sushi all the time but held myself away from the raw fish varieties for safety reasons.  When my husband took me out to a Japanese restaurant for Valentine’s Day I didn’t allow him to speak to me while the sushi was melting in my mouth because it was such a sacred culinary experience.  (He was gracious enough to forgive the fact that my romantic feelings seemed to be more about the food than him at that moment.)

But this second time, I have deep cravings for double cheeseburgers.  That might not seem so bad, except that they need to be made from paper thin beef patties layered with American cheese.  Yes—only fast food burgers will do.  There are a million reasons why we steer clear of fast food restaurants—the disposable food containers, the less than eco-friendly business practices, the fact that the origins of the food are completely unknown and definitely not local.  I also don’t want my son to get hooked on fast food.

Both my husband and I went to fast food as children when our families wanted to provide us with a special treat.  The big chains have worked hard to draw children in when they’re little so they equate the fast food dining experience with positive memories for the rest of their lives.  Roscoe has never been to fast food yet, but this baby has already eaten a handful of double cheeseburgers without ever leaving the womb! 

If only Burgerville, the most eco-friendly fast-food restaurant on the planet, were here in Eugene!  They use local beef and produce and run their delivery trucks on bio-fuels.  I think I’ll have to lobby them to move down here and open shop in the next two months!

Please give me your input on creative ways to overcome these cravings.  I’ve thought of making my own burgers with free range beef at home, but I would have to use American cheese to fully get the cravings resolved and there’s nothing good about buying individually wrapped cheese slices.  Help!  


  1. how funny how the cravings change with each pregnancy! I feel so guilty going to the fast food places too–we don’t have burgerville here, either. I say just give into your cravings for these last few months! 🙂

  2. I think Kraft has a package of american cheese slices that are not individually wrapped.

  3. I had the same craving: McDonald’s double cheeseburger. I avoided it up until the week before my c-section. Then I pigged out!! I haven’t wanted it since, so I think a little indulgence is okay!

  4. All i wanted was doughnuts when i was pregnant…i still do now actually. The only way i could concur my cravings was to just make them at home. It saved me a lot of money and i felt 100% better about eating as many as i could knowing exactly what went into them. Try making these burgers yourself or making really thin bean/veggie patties and add some “smoke” flavoring to make it taste more meaty. Even if you deep fry the patties and stack it with slices of cheese it will still be 10X healthier then any fast food places offering.

  5. Ha! I totally craved the same thing with my 2nd pregnancy. (it was ice cream with the first). But, I wanted Krystal burgers. Yuck (but oh so yummy to me at the time!!). I finally just gave in every now and then. Otherwise, I would just eat through the whole fridge trying to “fill the hole”. The rest of the time I had my hubby grill some burgers with meat from Whole Foods. I am not usually a big meat (especially red meat) eater either. But, I still crave it while breast feeding and it’s been 7 months! I just can’t seem to get full.

    Good Luck!

  6. I have no answers for you, but this post seriously couldn’t have come at a better time. I also usually avoid fast food like the plague, but last Friday I had the craving of a lifetime for a cheeseburger. I went to Wendy’s and ordered two of them, a small frosty, and a medium fri. I went home and pigged out. Afterwards, I felt so guilty about it, I hid the evidence from my husband and swore I was never going to tell anyone about it. However, later on at dinner time when my husband couldn’t figure out why all I wanted was a big fat healthy salad–I started crying and admitted to him what I did! He just laughed and thought the whole thing was so hilarious…especially the fact that I was going to keep it a secret.

    It’s just so good to know I’m not alone in craving this crap! I’ll be interested to see what other people suggest as a way to avoid it–but for me pigging out was probably the best thing I could have done because I have no desire at the moment to do that again anytime soon! 🙂

  7. Other than a healthy baby this is my (non-veggie) husbands biggest hope for my pregnancy.

    Does the deli counter do American cheese? That would be less waste than the other stuff.

  8. I had the exact same craving my last pregnancy! And I am not a fast food regular, either. Someone told me it was because I needed more protein, but who knows. I haven’t given in to any Micky D’s double cheeseburgers this pregnancy yet, but now that you mention it, it sure sounds good 🙂

  9. Yep, I had the same cravings with my 2nd. I decided to just give in and fully enjoy the pregnancy. I think I ate McD for 2 months and then the cravings were gone. And, I did eat there almost every day! I made sure I ate a healthy breakfast and snacks the rest of the day. But my son was healthy, my pregnancy was great and there were no complications, etc. With my 3rd pregnancy, I craved the McD for about a week then it was gone and now all I crave are salads and baked potatoes!

  10. After so many friends were plagued with Big Mac and McD fry cravings, I was bracing for it when it got pregnant. But something far worse happened. Driving home from work I was overcome with the urge for Taco Bell (or InediBell, as I used to call it). I sat in the dark parking lot eating one soft taco and one hard taco, disgusted by how much I was enjoying them and thankful that I was nowhere near home so no one would recognize my car.

  11. oh yeah, i ate so many fast food kids meals during my pregnancy! i just couldn’t make the commute home from work without stopping, not matter how much applesauce, cheese, crackers, or almonds i’d snacked on throughout the day.

    i say give yourself a break. whatever keeps you from pulling over to the shoulder to vomit is a good thing! it’s just nine months;)

  12. I craved sushi with Lydia… the smoked salmon kind. And gummi candy – especially the coke flavoured ones. And coke… fortunately I can get a caffiene free, organic coca-cola here made by a local soft drink company. 🙂

    As for with Tim it was salty stuff, and *block ears all vegos* meat. I really wanted to eat lamb and beef. I think it was the iron/salt thing.

    With both of them I wanted hot chips – what you guys call fries only not the thin kind sold at MacDonalds but the thick chunky kind that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Also doughnuts.

    I don’t really have any suggestions except to limit your indulgence and commiserate! 🙂 Making things yourself is a good way to go if you can.

  13. Joy, this reminds me of that Friends episode when Pheobe was pregnant and craved hamburgers even though she was a vegetarian so Joey gave up meat for her so she could eat them and not feel guilty while pregnant.

    I will totally give up hamburgers and fast food for your pregnancy Joy.

  14. I ate McD’s cheeseburgers (only McD’s) every Saturday for the whole 9 months. It was my treat for eating well the rest of the week. I got nasty if I couldn’t get one and ALWAYS made up for it if I had to wait until Sunday to eat there.

    Thank goodness I’m not still craving them while I’m breastfeeding 🙂

  15. courtney says:

    i’m pregnant and totally craving a cheeseburger and fries- anything with salt!

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