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This is our very first guest post, brought to you by Paige Bayer of The Budget Ecoist.  If you are interested in contributing any guest posts to the Green Baby Guide, drop us an email with your idea!

Babies are expensive, which is why it takes a village to raise them.  Asking one member of the village to pick up the cost is well, a lot to ask, especially in this economy.  So The Budget Ecoist has perused the internet to bring you the best villages out there to help raise your baby!  And by “village” we mean “websites” that will swap baby goods with you, thereby keeping your physical costs down, as well as your baby’s cost to the environment. – Free to join, Zwaggle is a community of like-minded parents who not only want to keep their gently-used baby and children’s items from clogging the landfill, but also want to reap the benefits by scoring the things they need from the community.  Once you’ve joined, you can post items you have for swap.  With every successful swap you earn zoints (Zwaggle’s equivalent of currency).  Earn additional zoints by referring friends and family!  Once you’ve acquired some zoints, peruse the categories to find items you need, or post a wish list. 

Zwaggle even has an integrated FedEx tool that calculates shipping costs and lets you print prepaid, preaddressed mailing labels and schedule a pick up right from the Zwaggle site.  Members arranging local deliveries can use the Zwaggle messaging system to schedule a meeting time and place that’s convenient for everyone involved.

BabySwap.netBabySwap allows you to buy, sell or “swap” maternity and used baby goods, baby related services and useful baby information!  Another great feature of BabySwap: no banner ads. Why?  BabySwap doesn’t want to divert attention from those small businesses who list their services in the Swap Services section of their site. 

BabySwap’s two best services: 1) BabySwap Goods – List your used baby goods for sale or swap.  Potential buyers can search by city and zip code for the goods they are looking for and then contact the listed owner if interested in buying or swapping.  2) BabySwap Services –  Small businesses can list baby services for sale or swap for a mere $50.00.

Have any of you had success using Zwaggle, BabySwap, or something like them?  Let us know by posting a comment!


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