Saving Money and The Planet With Reused Easter Baskets

For many families celebrating the holiday, an Easter basket is a once in a lifetime purchase.  You may be picking one out for your baby this year for the first time.  Why not recycle, save some money, and splurge a bit more on the chocolate bunnies?

You just wouldn’t believe how many Easter baskets clutter the shelves of our local thrift store.  There are hoards of pastel wicker containers stacked on top of each other, all priced reasonably.  There are also decorations of all sorts including plastic eggs (not my favorite—but better recycled than new), stuffed rabbits of all sizes, and other odds and ends.  Of course, after this past Monday’s post, you can skip the plastic Easter grass and grow a real grass in your basket! 

Keep in mind that you’ll also find loads of holiday gear for every season at your local thrift store.  It’s a great way to stock up without the extra packaging or cost.  

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  1. My mom made our first Easter baskets out of a paper milk carton. She cut out the side, added a cardboard bunny face to the front and covered it in cotton balls. I I think she did it because it was something that she had as a kid. Later we got regular easter baskets which she always reused. Including the plastic grass.

  2. that’s a really pretty basket! I hear you–we reuse our baskets–we’ve got enough for 2 families! 🙂

  3. We always had reusable baskets growing up that my grandmother made. This is my daughter’s first Easter and I’m planning to rummage through baskets at my parents house to find one for her- or maybe she’ll use my old one :o)

  4. Also… my mom found this multicolored pastel paper grass when we were little that we still use (I’m 28… it’s got to be at least 20 years old if not older). I think it’d be easy to make your own with tissue paper and some scissors!

  5. Ooh and it would be so much more fun to get to paint/decorate the basket yourself anyway! Love it… 🙂

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