The Saturday Question: What Are Your Favorite Meat-Free Meals?

Cutting back on meat even one day a week can have tremendous economic and environmental benefits.  For more details, check out Rebecca’s post on this very topic. Many American dishes are meat-free, but we’d love to hear your family’s favorites.  Do they love bean burritos, spaghetti and marinara or something as sophisticated as eggplant parmesan?   Help inspire us with your meat-free favorites—and feel free to list recipes as well! 


  1. Blackbean grilled burritos! (filled w/ blackbeans, grilled onion, red pepper, spinich, fresh guac, and cilantro!) wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla!

  2. here’s a pasta with spinach and ricotta that i made earlier this week that i felt was both sophisticated and simple

  3. I have too many it’s not easy to pick just one, but i will. pho with seasoned todu and lots and lots of veggies. mmm…

  4. oops i meant tofu.

  5. This isn’t vegan, but pancakes! I just love making (and more so, eating) pancakes for dinner! YUMMY.

  6. I love veggie paninis that I make on my George Forman grill. LOL. My husband wanted the grill so that he can eat meat and have tuna melts. But I am a veggie so I grill veggies and sandwiches and my little meatless burgers and yum yum yum! Honestly it made it easier for when I have to make two seperate dinners without wasting large amounts of food!!! Otherwise its pasta pasta pasta in this house. Meatballs for the husband of course!

  7. Black Bean Nachos: Canned black beans cooked with onions, chipotle pepper, cilantro. Chips covered with black beans, tomatoes, olives, cheese (soy cheese works great, too), avocado and more cilantro. Easy and delicious!!

  8. I’m not a vegetarian but I don’t like to cook meat (is that weird?) so when I cook it’s always veggie! My favorite easy to make meal is vegetarian omelets sprinkled with fresh parmesan and topped with a little salsa!

  9. One of my favorite vegetarian meals is black bean and cheese enchiladas. I’ll post the family recipe on my blot one of these days, if Rebecca doesn’t get to it first! My chilaquiles recipe can easily be made without chorizo for a sort of scrambled enchilada for morning or night:

  10. We usually only have meat one a week, so I have lots of meatless recipes I love. My favorite is probably a stir fry make of squash and zucchini strips, green beans, celery, carrots, tofu strips, and whatever other vegetables I feel like!
    I love making things up.

  11. Bean soup. I just throw some mixed beans in the crockpot with a couple of cans of tomatoes, onions and whatever other veggies I feel like. The secret ingredient is a healthy dosing of balsamic vinegar which gives it enough tang that you don’t miss the pork or bacon in regular bean soup.

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