Have you ever pulled supposedly clean diapers out of the washer only to find that they’re nearly as stinky as when they went in?  What’s the problem?  It could be a variety of factors including the iron content in your water, the laundry soap you’re using, or synthetic fabrics. 

The other day I stumbled across an amazing solution: hydrogen peroxide!  It turns out that plain old hydrogen peroxide will provide you with your own homemade version of non-chlorine bleach. 

For the wash: Add a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide to each           washload or a bit more for very full or dirty loads.  

 For stains: douse them with peroxide and then spot wash with         detergent. It’s best not to let the peroxide sit on the fabric for a long period of time.

 For household use:  Just add 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide to one gallon of water and use on kitchen sink, tile, bathroom, shower, toilet and bathtub.  

You can toss this mixture into a load of dirty diapers and find that it will make a big difference in smell.  

While chlorinated bleach hurts the environment, breaks down your diapers, and is potentially toxic, hydrogen peroxide is perfectly safe to use on cloth diapers.  In fact, the manufacturer of Bummi’s recommends using hydrogen peroxide to battle smells in stinky diapers.  It neutralizes the acidity, which is the cause of the smell.  While some people have found that vinegar works, it can exacerbate the problem since it’s also highly acidic.  

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