Book Title Brainstorm

 Help!  We need a new title for our book!  After two years of working on The Green Baby Guide; Down-To-Earth Ways to Save Time, Money, and the Planet our publisher’s sales team has informed us that our title has to change—and we have less than two weeks to come up with another one.  Apparently “green fatigue” is in full swing, and they want to keep the word “green” out of the title.

The unique aspect of our eco-friendly guide is that it’s focused on frugal, eco-friendly baby rearing—which seems to be just what parents need in this economic recession.  Most green baby guides focus on buying high end organic products, which isn’t really accessible for all families.  How can we express that in a catchy title?  So far we’ve come up with the following:

The Down to Earth Baby Guide (This seems rather vague.  We’re not sure people would know what to expect)

The Budget Friendly, Earth Friendly Baby Guide (Sadly, Walmart has just started to use our little catch phrase but maybe this would work?)

What are your ideas?  We would love to hear them so that we can get this book titled and off to the presses soon!  Also, we hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day and get the time to put your feet up, enjoy your children, and maybe even eat a little chocolate.  Thanks for joining us!


  1. It’s Natural Baby: Earth Saving for Thrifty Parents

    Earth Safe, Baby Safe

    Sustainability guide for your baby, earth and wallet

  2. Green Baby Guide: The Eco Friendly Way to Start a New Generation.

  3. Crunchy Mom’s Guide to Parenthood: Saving money without compromising

    Sustainable Living for the First Year and Beyond

    I hope one of us triggers the right words for the title. Good luck!

  4. I can’t think of anything but replacing green with Eco-friendly maybe this term isn’t as heavily used?
    At any rate I wanted to congratulate you ladies on completing the project. I can’t wait to read it!

  5. Frugal Babies: How to raise healthy babies on a budget and save the planet

  6. So many of these ideas seem to harken back to how our mother’s and grandmothers did things… what about something like

    What Would Grandma Do? Common sense wisdom for raising babies in a modern world. (I tried to fit earth friendly and frugal in there but didn’t find a way to make it work and still sound good, but something like that.)

  7. We love all the suggestions so far! Keep them coming!

  8. I still like the idea of focusing on the fact that these methods are all common sense things that aren’t that different from traditional methods and that going green means getting back to your roots, BUT I realized that the title above sounds like it is going to offer advice on discipline etc. too. Will keep thinking…

  9. Smart Mamas: Saving money and saving the earth

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