The Saturday Question: How Did You Green Baby’s Nursery?

Some parents go all out by installing bamboo flooring, using eco-friendly paint, and buying only organic cotton bedding.  Others tend to think that the lightest carbon footprint involves keeping the room as simple as possible by buying less or investing in used gear.  What route did you take?  How did you maintain your green values and your budget?  


  1. We weren’t really thing so much as green as we were thinking on a budget. At the time we were in a one bedroom apartment so any baby gear was going to have to fit in with us. We got the crib and changing table (both gifts) from IKEA which claims to use sustainable woods and non toxic stains. We registered for organic crib bedding and clothing. That’s all we added to the room, seriously thats it. Now we our mini-man has his own room in our new apt but some how his crib and changing table made their way into our bedroom again! How did that happen?! Oh, well. His room now has a spare bed for guests (relatives like to visit the baby) and a recycled/refurbished bookshelf for his things; kids acquire so many things so quickly! Since we are in an apartment we are not allowed to paint the walls or change the flooring, so we’ve got standard beige paint and carpet on the floors. We really don’t buy much stuff new, shopping at thrift stores and garage sales provides us with plenty of toys and decorations. I’d rather support Recycling items then buying new items that have used more energy to make.

  2. At the time of putting together our nursery we didn’t have a clue. Thank goodness we chose zero-voc paint for the walls. As we’ve gotten more informed, so have our purchases. We too like IKEAs products for their minimal use of toxic chemicals in their furniture and have added a nice play table and some much needed toy storage.

  3. We went with the “reuse” philosophy. We did buy the crib new, however we recycled everything else from other rooms of the house. An old desk became the changing table, my husband’s three-drawer night stand became our son’s dresser, and a vintage toy box that I had bought at an antique store years ago to be used as a gift wrapping station got a fresh coat of paint and is now actually used as a toybox 🙂 Thrift stores are the main place where his clothes and books come from. I did buy a fitted crib sheet, we opted not to have bumper pads, and I pieced together a green patchwork bedskirt to hide the storage under his crib. Cheap and green!

  4. Great Blog! We used all recycled furnature from family and friends and updated a few of the pieces. When it comes to greening the nursery and being on a budget we decided to focus first on the items our baby would be putting in his mouth or on his skin. We started with BPA/chemical-free bottles, cloth diapers, and home-made baby food. We also choose wooden or cloth toys when possible and ask family and friends to chose the same if shopping for our little one. Also, before purchasing a new play toy, bath toy or feeding accessorie I do my research that what I purchase is toxin free. I also try to choose items of durable quality that can be used with future children and won’t need replaced.

  5. We live in a 2 bedroom townhouse so we converted our craftroom into the nursery and now have craft room space in the basement. For our nursery decor, we made most of our decorations out of paper. I bought scrapbook paper in large pads that was made from recycled materials. We cut tiny butterfly shapes out of paper to make an affordable version of the butterfly chandelier that I saw at Pottery Barn Kids.
    I used an old, warped embroidery hoop for the large ring and strung the paper butterflies to old fishing line from my husband’s broken fishing pole. We bought cheap frames from garage sales and did paper piecing with the same scrapbook paper in shapes of birds, butterflies, flowers, etc. We found a $25 dresser from goodwill, which we stripped and re-painted with eco-safe paint and stenciled on leaves. We used mis-matched drawer pulls for the dresser that we found at garage sales and antique shops in the area. It has a really eclectic, whimsical feel. I love it! Im also making a stuffed mermaid doll from scrap fabric that was given to me by a lady who used to make bridesmaids dresses. The doll is stuffed with shredded up plastic bags.

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