Top Five Blogging Tips for Boosting Your Web Traffic

Running a website has not been without its challenges–the largest one being our embarrassing lack of computer skills. When we started up in 2007, our webmaster had to hold our hands through everything from pasting in our posts to loading up a picture. Have we become expert bloggers in the last year and a half? Well . . . we’re trying. To our credit, we have boosted our traffic considerably since those early days.

Here are our top five tips:

1. Title your posts with as many key words as possible. Webcrawlers scan your site for key words, which to them means titles and bolded phrases. In an early post about natural teething remedies, Joy thought up the clever title “Gnawing Worries.” My cousin told us to change it. No one who is hunting around for natural teething ideas is typing “gnawing worries” into Google. Joy changed the title to “Natural Teething Solutions to Soothe Gnawing Worries.”

2. Think of keywords when titling photos, too. Many people stumble upon your site through images. So instead of titling your picture “Mikey,” title it “smiling baby in a plastic bathtub from Target with a blue washcloth.”

3. Tag your posts with every keyword you can think of. My cousin (our webmaster) told us over and over to tag our posts. For the longest time, we thought she was talking about creating links to other sites! Once we figured it out, we vowed to add more tags. Sometimes we can think of up to fifty keywords or phrases to use for a single post.

4. Join or host a blog carnival. We get consistent traffic by participating in Works for Me Wednesday, hosted by We are THAT Family. It’s a great way to network with other bloggers, too. You could also try hosting your own blog carnival. Thrifty Green Thursday (on hiatus until fall) linked us to some like-minded bloggers and boosted our traffic, even though we often had no more than four participants at a time!

5. Network with other websites. Seek out websites with similar themes and add them to your blogroll. We resisted starting a blogroll for a few months; we wanted to look like an official site rather than a “blog.” However, we soon learned it was imperative to get known in the blogging community! If you link to other sites, they’ll link to yours, too.

If you are one of our fellow bloggers, we want to hear your thoughts, too. What are your blogging secrets? Keep them as elementary or as complicated as you want. We’ve stuck to the basics because of our admittedly limited computer know-how. Now that we’ve been at this a while, perhaps it’s time for us to graduate to the intermediate class.

These blogging tips worked for us! For more Works for Me Wednesday ideas, head on over to We are THAT Family.


  1. Great tips. I have found that #2 really works. I have a secondary blog where I don’t post much but it still gets a good chunk of traffic every day just from people googling and hitting on the words I used to title the photos.

  2. Thanks for the tips…I am new to the blogging community and these should help!

  3. Great tips–and #4 works because that’s why I’m here! I try to participate in several carnivals a week. And I’ve used #5 by providing weekly content at other sites that link back to mine.

    Question about #2–where are you naming your image–do you mean underneath in a caption or at whatever site that’s hosting the photo (like Photobucket)? I usually use my own photos and upload them directly into Blogger or use a Flickr image.

  4. Thanks so much for the tips! I have a personal blog and a homeschool review blog that have been somewhat neglected lately. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and these tips are great, especially for my review blog. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Gina, I am not sure how Blogger works, but with WordPress you can retitle a picture after you load it up. After we learned this trick I explained in point #2, I went back and retitled a lot of our photos. When I use my own photographs, I usually open it in Microsoft Office Picture Manager so I can resize it, crop it, etc. Then when I save the picture, I give it a new title. (The original “title” is usually just a number, like 026.jpg–no one is googling that!) I am not sure how it works in Flickr. I’ll go to your site and see if I can figure it out.

  6. I’m learning more and more everyday. Still…..there’s so much I don’t know.
    The keywords or tag words? I’m seeing that on my WordPress dashboard…duh! Never used it!

    I think I’ll get crazy and try some new stuff.
    Thanks, ya’ll!

  7. Wanda, it took us the longest time to discover that place to add tags (right under the post on the dashboard in WordPress, as you said). I like the fact that I can type as many tags as I want, but they’ll remain invisible to the reader. I’ve noticed that some people have found our site by typing in the weirdes things into Google, like: “is there a 100% natural baby mattress without vinyl or harmful substances” or something. So sometimes I put whole questions in as tags, if I think someone might be googling it. So on some of our cloth diaper posts, I might add in “how do I wash cloth diapers, what’s the best way to wash cloth diapers,” etc.

  8. great tips, thanks!

  9. Gina, you can do this by editing your alt tags. This tells blind readers what’s in your image, but it’s great for indexing. Go to the html mode in blogger and go to add in alt=”DESCRIPTION OF PHOTO.” So it would look like

    I’ll try not to put my geek hat on too tightly, but I do web by day, so here are a few additional thoughts:

    Keywords are important, but good writing is essential. I don’t want to read keywords dropped for the sake of dropping them in an article.

    One thing not mentioned is we are a part of a community. It’s more than just listing a link in a blogroll and weekly carnival. I think visiting and commenting on sites is just as essential of a part (something that always drops off in my busy day). I love reading everyone’s perspectives and comments as much as the posts.

    Finally, routine postings always help! People crave routine. Post on Mondays, post daily, post at a set frequency, and your readers will remember to come back.

  10. What a great tip about naming the pictures in your blog. I never knew how to do this!

  11. Hmmm….# 2 I did not know that. …. Time to place my own pictures on my site with better names on them. Should it be that long or 3 to 4 words is good enough?

  12. What about doing videos on youtube to drive traffic back to your site. Has anyone done this and how effective is it?

  13. This has been the most helpful baby site I’ve found (expecting our 1st in February). Added you guys to my blog roll!

  14. I’ll try the blog carnival…how about places like facebook and my space

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