Natural Diaper Rash Remedies

No mater how much we all care about the planet, it’s tough to spend ten bucks on diaper cream.  But does that mean you’re stuck with slathering petroleum-based products on your baby’s bottom?  Not necessarily!

My first big discovery while cloth diapering my second child has been olive oil.  In baby’s first few days it’s great to swab a bit on between diaper changes.  The oil ensures that the sticky meconium poops can be easily wiped away.  Later on, olive oil softens skin and creates a moisture barrier to prevent diaper rash.

Also, I just learned that those leftover tubes of lanolin from early breastfeeding work well as a natural diaper ointment. I had a huge tube of Lanosil that I was planning on tossing until I read the fine print.  How nice to know that it can be reused and prevent me from having to buy expensive diaper creams.

Do you have any other tips for diaper rash?  What has worked for your family? Please share  your solutions!


  1. We use coconut oil (whether our boys are in cloth or not) – it works wonders!!

  2. Breastmilk! Our lactation consultant told us to put a little EBM on his bottom and let it dry. We also use California Baby Calendula Cream occasionally. I don’t do either routinely, but if he’s starting to get a rash or I know one is coming (I ate a bunch of tomatoes for example), both things have kept us from having to reach for the diaper rash cream and deal with added complication with our cloth diapers.

  3. I can’t imagine parting with the “liquid gold” of my EBM to use it for a diaper rash treatment … but maybe that’s just me.

    We use California Baby Calming Soothing & Healing Spray routinely at diaper changes and it’s kept away all diaper rash on our 2nd who’s in cloth about 70% of the time. Our 1st has been much more difficult to keep at bay, he gets terrible rashes not matter what we do – luckily they don’t seem to last long – but our Dr. told us her favorite remedy was crisco! And, while it seems weird, it really does help and is pretty cheap for a giant tub.

  4. @karalee It honestly just takes a few drops of breastmilk. If it took much more I’d be leery too. I only do it when I’m the one changing the diaper, otherwise we use the California Baby; I should have clarified that. Sorry.

  5. Breastmilk works wonders, lanolin is great… but the truth is we never needed diaper rash cream at all after switching to cloth. So happy!

  6. We are expecting # 2 soon and I will definitely use the olive oil trick for the meconium!! What a great idea.

    We gets tons of diaper rash from DS and we use cloth exclusively. Although I am not surprised, I myself have super sensitive skin.

    We usually use dimpleskins bum bum balm. It works really well for us. We have also tried Shea Butter and it seems to work fairly well.

  7. Herbs For Kids- Super Kids Salve
    Love love this salve!!! Seems to heal diaper rash and boo-boo’s practically overnight!

    Pamela M. Sadler “Health Leader” (North Branch, Mi USA) –
    This is a great product for most childhood skin afflictions. It is antibacterial, astringent and aids skin regeneration. Use it on minor cuts and scrapes, diaper rash, bug bites and dry, irritated skin. You can even use it on first degree burns.

  8. we realy like kissaluvs diaper lotion potion. it’s a mix of jojoba and essential oils that you put into a spray bottle with witch hazel. it lasts forever, and we use it at changes to clean and dry. making sure baby is dry is one of the best ways to prevent diaper rash.

    on a separate/related note: lanolin is the BEST lip balm ever.

  9. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  10. I had tried several baby lotion found in generic supermarkets and stores and I remember I liked them until I did research on how many chemicals are in them. I dont want those chemicals on my baby’s skin!!

    I use the Made from Earth skincare products now for my kid – specifically the Lavender Calm lotion. I am loving it because it does not have a penetrating scent…any lotions that smell too strong like fragrence have too much perfumes makes me wonder about the hypoallergenic claim. Since Made from Earth doesnt use chemicals or fragrances all their stuff is hypoallergetic…go for the Lavender Calm lotion if you are looking for a great Non Toxic baby lotion. . .

  11. We use coconut oil. It is a soft solid at room temp. makes it a little easier to work with than olive oil. W tried burt’s bees but it was very thick with a strong medicinal smell and hard to clean off. With the coconut oil we have a pinacolada smeling baby.

  12. Get some aquaphor lotion in a tub – vaseline consistency. Rub that on and then top it off with Budreaux’s Butt Paste – worked very well for my toddler!

    Baking soda in the bathtub! Sounds strange but it works- neutralizes the acid!

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