The Saturday Question: Cheap Summer Thrills with Baby?

The rain is gone and the sun is out–where should we go, baby? With a winter newborn (and a broken ankle), I felt trapped indoors forever. If I ever have a second child, I’ll make sure it’s born in June, as Joy so wisely did. Walks around the neighborhood, jaunts to the park, camping trips, dips in a wading pool–what are your baby’s favorite summertime amusements?


  1. My 6 week old loves her walks!! I too have two winter babies and am thrilled to have a summer baby now! I just put the two older ones in the double jogger and the baby in the sling or front pack and walk for hours! It is especially good in the evening when she is colicy. The added benefit is pushing 70 pounds while wearing an 11 pound weight is great for loosing that baby weight!

  2. We go for walks every day and stop by the park to use the baby swing if it isn’t too hot. I have also taken my daughter swimming a few times.

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